Coffee bags

After hearing that instant coffee is basically a carcinogen, I was begrudgingly looking at the fresh coffee I know I’m too lazy to use and wished they did tea bags but with coffee and they do! I got two boxes as they were on offer for £1.46. Is it a good long term coffee strategy or should I just get a moka pot or something? I have a coffee machine that I love but it uses the most wasteful coffee pods I’ve ever seen and the reusable ones are shit apparently and don’t work.

  • I’ve tried coffee bags before
  • I have not tried coffee bags before

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  • They are good
  • They are bad
  • They sound good
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The ones I have tried were very, very bad I’m afraid


V60 is the best thing for quick, non-faffy coffee if you want to move away from instant imo


Oh no

seconded, absolute garbage

My experience is the more expensive ones are okay. I mean you were considering instant coffee so they’re well above that. They’re not a replacement for any other form of ‘real’ coffee making but they’re good for taking on short trips away so you can make a coffee.

However, they are usually pretty wasteful as a thing. The nicer ones tend to be individually foil wrapped.

second poll is hard to answer: they’re obviously better than instant but most things are. And they’re obviously better than not having a coffee.

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Aeropress also a good option. Easy, quick to clean etc.


yeah, i’d say they’re fine.

people saying they’re trash should caveat it by explaining they also pretend they can’t drink instant either.


Reckon Millicano(?), the fancy-ish instant is the best thing for super quick, just add water coffee. I keep a tin of that in


Cafetiere or aeropress is the least faff vs. reward imo. Love a moka pot but the faff is real.

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Aeropress is an absolute no-brainer.

-quick and easy
-almost no cleaning required
-coffee actually tastes better (it’s less bitter than letting it stew in a cafetiere for five mins cos it brews it to the same strength much faster).

Changed my coffee drinking life I tells ya.


Filter faff though innit.

two cup moka pot is my go to these days, dont think its too much faff. just bang out yesterdays grounds straight in the bin, only really needs a rinse every few days. plus you can get a two pack of lavazza rossa for about six quid. v60 is good but i think more faff, french press is a nighmare of cleaning out old grounds.


Dunno if I was doing something wrong but I found quite difficult to push the aeropress all the way down, so sacked it off.

Get a 5 grand espresso machine imo


V60 crew represent


Fine if you’re at a festival or camping, but there are many many better quick coffee options for home use than coffee bags

Just get 28 different gadgets and ways to make coffee and then have nowhere to store them obviously


Coffee bags are fine. I also have a little stick thing that you put coffee in and put it in the cup, a bit like a tea infuser? That’s good too. People get really weird when coffee gets mentioned don’t they.


ease of use: