Coffee bags

Same with most things though innit. The further down the hole you get, the harder it is to not be a wanker (coffee, beer, bikes, music ect…) about it.


*sucks air through teeth*


I think the least faff is a bean to cup machine, but it’s obviously a big £ outlay.

Actually the least least faff is coffee shop innit.

Think aeropress is a good shout, metal filter.


Nah it’s still pretty easy imo. Just like what you like, who cares about what anyone else likes.


You’ve posted on here long enough to know that isn’t really true

I mean, this thread has very quickly gone away from coffee bags onto people mentioning bean to cup machines and best homebrew methods.

I used to run a coffee business. I concur with what everyone else is saying, in that your top three home coffee methods (aeropress, V60, moka) are the best, but would also say that you have to be guided by your own tastebuds. This is aligned with what @Funkhouser was saying, in that while there is definitely good and bad coffee, there’s also a lot of smoke and mirrors around it because it’s a passion for a lot of people. I did a blind espresso taste test with some customers of mine who had excellent palates, used some beautiful single-origin beans and some supermarket own-brand ones, and there was no clear winner but everyone had a defined favourite and had good reasons for it.

Tl;dr try the bags, you might find they make the best coffee for you. Otherwise, if you can try out the other ways of making coffee then do - the biggest barrier to entry with this stuff is the idea (and the cost) of having to buy four different ways of getting liquid out of beans.

Oh yeah, big shout-out to the humble cafetiere, with which you can make phenomenal coffee really easily and is more adaptable than most people think.


If you’re used to instant coffee, coffee bags are probably fine.

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disagree with this here

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Yes and it’s why I mute the beer thread every few weeks or so.

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Moka is super simple so if everyone thinks that’s the difficult option than they are all easy - so go with how you prefer the taste.

yeah I’m sure there are better options, but for every day on a budget its been fine for me. unless there is another cheapish brand you recommend.


Filter faff? Not at all. The paper filters are great for our compost heap as are the grounds so I just smack the whole lot out into the compost and go about my day. Takes seconds.


It’s a popular brand all around the world for a reason, and that’s because it returns reliable, good tasting results every time. If you get coffee you like out of it and it doesn’t give you any hassle, crack on and drink that Lavazza.

Seriously, no dissing on anyone who likes to explore the huge and varied world of coffee (I have been that person, I did it for literally years and I can still tell you about my favourite beans, how I ground them, shot times, temperatures, blah, blah, blah) but if you want to drink coffee but not be into coffee like that, just find what you like and drink it.

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nah, just yanking your chain really. :slight_smile:

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back to the OP

  • Coffee bag
  • standard instant
  • go without/drink something else

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I buy the lavazza moka grind. In terms of readily available at supermarkets it’s the best option I’ve found.

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I voted coffee bag because if I really wanted a coffee and there was only bags, that’s what I would do. Otherwise I’d rack up a tea!