Coffee capsule machine


So the missus has wanted one for ages and her birthday is coming up. What’s the best one to get? Which (and where) is best for cheap capsules, and are any environmentally ok (probably not). Are more expensive machines ‘better’ than the standard cheaper ones?



Nespresso are good but only do coffee. A basic machine is about sixty quid. If you order capsules online, they collect the old capsules at the same time for ‘recycling’. Not sure what they actually do with them though.


Going to be a twat and say avoid. Not great coffee and enormously wasteful.


We have got a Dolce gusto, got it as was cheapest of options and easy to buy the pods. We just chuck ours which is not ideal but don’t think they offer recycling…

Hot chocolate is nice, think the coffee is OK although I don’t like coffee so hav never tried it.


Capsule machines are incredibly environmentally wasteful.

However, I am literally sat here at the kitchen table reading this month’s issue of Which? so here’s a screenshot of their ratings chart.


Strongly on brand.


While I’m here, does anyone want any other kitchen appliance charts?


Genuinely would please. Dishwashers (integrated) and ovens


What kind of oven?

Range? freestanding? built-in? built-under? single? double?


keep going


This is all of the oven/cooker tables, plus hobs


Must cancel my Which subscription. Half their best buys are shit and they only usually finish reviewing things just before they’re superseded by the next model.


Full size, fully integrated dishwashers. Sorry this one isn’t in an easy to read table - I had to use the website.


I’m dobbing you into Which, pal. I don’t pay a tenner a month so these proles can get free out of date consumer advice!


The coffee from Dolce Gustos is unremarkable at best. Having said that, if you want hot, frothed milk in your coffee then it’s a really easy, clean way to do it.


Had a dolce gusto for a few years. Only ever have black coffee out of it on a weekend. It’s a step up from an instant but will only disappoint if you are expecting a fresh coffee standard. And the capsules will overwhelm the earth too. It’s all bad.