Coffee crisp

What the hell! I’m assuming Publix? My closest Publix completely got rid of the British section and I’ve never seen any other with crumpets. I can get them at Trader Joe’s though but that’s not close.

I see there is lemon curd but no jam or marmalade which surprises me a little too!

Also the Coffee Crisps are meh

I have no idea but he’s always posting about his beloved crumpets. I’ll enquire!

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i’ve always thought as cocoa butter is a thing, and coffee butter is a thing, could you make coffee based chocolate. sometimes I go in the other direction and think they should make a coffee flavoured version of hot chocolate but then I remember that is just coffee (as a non coffee drinker it is a blind spot). weird how coffee flavoured things are nice but coffee isnt.

this was the best and I am so angry it has been discontinued, those competition winners are supposed to be final


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Confused why they have Maldon Sea Salt there.
Surely there are regular brands of sea salt (in Boston). Isn’t all sea salt the same flakey shit?

got a notion for lemon curd on toast all of a sudden

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Very telling they don’t have a pure choc like a dairy milk or galaxy (even now dairy milk isnt as good its still a thousand times better than american chocolate - isnt it owned by hersheys now too?).

They don’t want them to know they’ve been sold a lie about how milk chocolate is meant to taste.


Had this craving for a while lately :drooling_face:

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Holy shit.

You know what they say – If you’ve never had Maldon, you’ve never been sold on…Maldon. Salt.

They sell it in Brazil as well, though only in the slightly posher shops and for close to a tenner for a standard box.

I buy it, because I’m a sentimental old fool.