☕ 🔥 ☕ The Big Bad DiS Hot Drink Race 2017 - RACE DAY ☕ 🔥 ☕

Hello, friends! I’m sure you will have spent the entire weekend unable to set your minds to anything in fevered anticipation of the big day and it’s finally here!

In exactly fifteen minutes time, participants will prepare a hot drink of their choosing, post any pictures of it and the preparation of it that they see fit to and then THE GREAT RACE BEGINS!!!

What will follow will surely be a frenzied hotbed of excitement as participants wait with baited breath for their drink to become a palatable temperature for them, when they’ve gulped it all down they will post in here that their drink has been imbibed (ideally with photographic evidence) and the winners will be revealed!

The most important thing in all of this is to have fun, hopefully we’ll be able to gather some data about the average length of time a community member takes to drink a hot drink but that will be secondary to the excitement.

All credit goes to @sadpunk for the idea and thanks to every single one of you for allowing a space for this idea to flourish.

Have fun everyone!


Just want to say that, even though I’m not participating in this (don’t generally consume hot drinks at work), I’m very much looking forward to following proceedings live in this very thread.

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All part of the prep, friend! I (for one) will be using a boiling water dispenser so will not need to wait for a kettle.

I’m going to have to withdraw from this. I’ve got a meeting at 11. May the best DiSer win!

Oh boy, that’s a shame. There’s always next year though!

Oh shit, I’d just made myself a coffee and sat down to read DiS.

In the spirit of DiS, I’ll pour it away now and wait until 11 am!


this is worse than the quiz.


Please do.

Maybe if it gets to 11am and they’ve not turned up, I’ll make myself a cuppa speculatively

Fingers crossed for a tardy bunch of colleagues!

Shut up, friend.


My mug is clean and I’m ready to go. Hope there’s no faffing co-workers in the kitchen.

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They turned up! Ah well.

Didn’t realise this was happening but I have coffee on the hob.

Fingers crossed for a constructive and productive meeting in that case!

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GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! (and have fun!)


(no pictures from me because there’s too many people around)

11:00 - made tea from hot water dispenser
11:02 - back to desk after letting it brew

Only had the hob on 2, needed 3 really, so I’m out

I fucking forgot didn’t I. did a practice run and everything. fucking livid