Coffee of choice

So what are we having?

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Filter
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Flat white
  • Macchiato
  • Cortado
  • Mocha
  • Cold brew
  • Iced
  • Starbucks monstrosity
  • Other
  • These are all made up aren’t they

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Before or after 11am?


Don’t like coffee


If you can only have one type ever.

Whatever you class a homemade Aeropress or Hario dripper coffee as. I’m not made of money.

I just ask for a black coffee.

If they come around calling ‘Americano…?’ i ignore them.

Really, really depends on the situation.

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Mostly V60 (where’s that on the list, huh?)

But also what @plasticniki said about the situation. Is it a coffee to wake up, is it a coffee for a bit of a treat, is it a coffee because that’s what I’m having to drink, is it a coffee to complement a meal?

same with me in pubs. i just ask for a beer. they start with all that “ale / lager / ipa” shite i just blank them.


coffees have funny names don’t they! what will they think of next?




More discerning about the coffee shop than I am about the coffee I drink

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A well made flat white in an ideal world (where it wasn’t highly calorific for example), but my most drunk is black filter or Americano.

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Pizza with potato on?

some places i’ve asked for a flat white and received an americano with milk. really tempted to complain but just can’t find it in me to start down that road.

Flat white. Unless it’s one of those places where the flat white is too big so isn’t really a flat white. Then probably get a filter.

There should be some sort of register, you can check.

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IRISH lol jk jk

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