Coffee shops stopping WiFi so customers talk


Next up: informing their customers that bringing back national service and corporal punishment will solve all the problems with society.




Maybe they don’t know mobile Internet exists?


As if anybody’s ever successfully loaded anything using shite coffee shop wifi anyway.


Quite a few here in Norwich like that. It’s fucking shit. Like I want to have a coffee and do some work or writing. Im not there to talk to strangers. Bars are better for that.


It’s too late, my conversations go nowhere if I cant pull up something I posted on someones facebook wall earlier in the day.


Think they have to have had wifi in the first place to count


I think strangers talking to each other in coffee shops has probably remained the same throughout their existence, 0%.


Exactly. I have a coffee at a coffee shop to read for a short while, kill time or just to have a daydream/time not to think about stuff. The last thing I want is a stranger talking to me.


If someone started talking to me in a coffee shop I would never go back to that coffee shop


The only time i would go into a coffee shop would be to avail of either the toilet or the WiFi.



don’t give a shit about somewhere not having wifi but really hate these sanctimonious cunts that make a big song and dance about it.


I don’t think this has anything to do with getting people talking

I think it’s a ruse in order to get the nursing-my-latte-for-3-hours-while-macbooking-away-at-the-gig-economy-how-the-fuck-do-you-even-pay-for-an-office-these-days type folks to jog on


Should just ban twats bringing macbooks in. Oh look at me! I’m writing a novel! I can’t possibly do that at home with cheap coffee, good wifi, no distractions and no people looking at me!


Fair enough. But at least one has the a stupid sign mentioning ‘no wifi’ as if it’s a good thing rather then just a way to cut costs. That said nothing worse then buying a coffee before realising that it doesn’t have wifi


People kept reposting this on social media a couple of years ago… FUCK OFFFFF


This makes me very agitated



People didn’t talk to each other more in 1995 and even if they did, I didn’t fucking want them to. Just let me get a coffee and fuck about on my phone, you judgemental pricks.


I went to a no phones pub at the weekend. The barmaids came up to you if you had your phone out and said "you’re gonna have to go outside if you wanna use that"
And if the phone rang or you made a phone call, you had to put £1 in the charity pot

It was alright. Stopped my brother from getting his phone out every 2 mins like he did at dinner.


If they really want me to pretend it’s 1995, I need a copy of the Littlewood’s catalogue, and Baywatch on repeat