Coffee syrups

Anyone else on the coffee syrup scene.

Here’s my current collection. Let’s see yours

None of this, ooooh my coffees too nice to put syrup in nonsense please. Join me in flavour town

Grow up.

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Alright Norman Nescafé. Get on the bus to tasteyville. You’ll never look back

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No I enjoy to drink coffee


I have vanilla syrup! That is all.

Not even as a little treat on your 5th of the day?

Would you be interested in trying other flavours?

Yes. I am partial to a toffee nut latte when it’s available. I have also had a chocolate mint one before. Really can’t get onboard with pumpkin spiced flavoured things. Tastes not good to me :sob:

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Great selection in homesense. £3.99 each for big bottles.
It’s not just a furniture store

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I’d worry about buying something like this because I might get addicted and I’ve put years of work getting used to coffee and tea without any sweetness

It’s not for every one. Just a nice little treat every now and then.
It also ups your hot chocolate game significantly.

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I have some of this which is lovely and spicy and not too sweet.

Not putting it in coffee though you sick freak.

Just got some vanilla syrup at home, but don’t use it very often.

what do you use it in?

Chai Latte m8.

It’s also pretty good for a quick chug on its own like an undiluted squash as long as nobody sees.

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Never a dirty chai latte? Chuck a couple of shots of espresso in. I dare ya

I have vanilla syrup that I put in a latte for a Sunday morning treat.

Thats what I’m talking about, a little treat every now and then.

Listen to Bandy. Life doesn’t have to be earthy bitterness 24/7 let some weird tasting stuff that you don’t know how it’s made and how it’s 0 calories and 0 sugar into your mouth

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We have Nespresso and get a subscription box thing which sometimes has random flavoured ones. I like the smell of the sweet ones but can take or leave the taste

Do you Just put them in the machine let them go into the cup and use it like a candle then throw the drink away