Coffee Thread for People who think coffee is just y'know alright or perhaps in inexpensive means of getting from A->Caffeinated

Sub-standard coffee chat in this thread please.


We talking freeze dried

it’s all good (bad) in here my friend.

If all else fails I’ll have a nice cup of azera.

They marketed that pretty well didn’t they to the people you describe in the thread title

That’s what our work puts on. I’m on about 6 a day.

I realised I don’t really drink coffee or tea at work. Used to, sure, but now I just refill my water bottle.

I don’t drink coffee in the evening either so really I’m just busting it out Saturday Sunday! I think that’d change if I took my gear into work.

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My brother got me a coffee subscription for Christmas last year.

12 months of a different coffee every month.

Had them all in my cafetiere, drunk them black without milk.

All tasted the fucking same. Tasted like coffee.


Just buy the Tesco instant stuff. With the red top. Chuck sweetener and a bit of Oatly Barista in. Good stuff.


Bought a jar of Nescafe today, not even Gold Blend, it was the last caffeinated jar in the shop

This sounds like it’s a joke, but I think it’s just a sentence.

Get a pret filter at lunch. 49p if you’ve got a reuseable cup!

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Or if you’ve forgotten your cup, just get it poured directly into your hands.


fucking LOVE Azera. That is the good stuff.

Most posh ground coffee just tastes weird, imo. had some nice #propercoffees in berlin but i realise that’s for a different thread bye


where my nescafe azera crew at


maybe we ought to change the thread title

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not a big coffee lad but Nescafe Azera is good stuff

I got some Kenco stuff in a similar can thinking it’d be pretty much the same but it’s freeze dried coffee instead and is pish (don’t usually have an issue with freeze dried coffee so i don’t know if this is worse than most or if I just can’t go back to freeze dried after getting used to Azera)


There is a member of staff in one here who is SO chirpy you would happily let that happen if it was her serving you, the vibes would totally neutralise the pain

  • coffee mate
  • coffee no, mate

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Always think that Nescafe tastes as much like gravy as it does like coffee tbh tbf…


Always been a big fan of hot milk with a couple of spoons of instant coffee stirred in.

Big leap between standard coffee granules and “gold” granules. Bigger than the leap to “proper” coffee IMO

Espresso machine > Filter > instant (Gold) >>>> cafetiere >> instant > mcdonalds