Coffee wankers: a question

do you keep your coffee beans/grounds in the fridge?

  • yes, it keeps it fresh!
  • no, it dehydrates the coffee!!
  • mate, i don’t care that much about coffee it’s just a drink

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Kept in a tightly sealed container, in a cupboard.


Keep the current batch on the worktop. Keep whatever else I bought to get up to the £25 free delivery threshold in a sealed bag in the freezer.

ooh, freezer!

Keep my beans in the fridge. Not sure it’s necessary tbh but oh well.

I barely know 'er!

Fucking hell.

:question: :grey_question:

Why does PN’s vote count for more than ours? I’m feeling very discriminated against

Not sure I like the leading nature of the questions here.


I’ve had just about enough of your bizarre baked bean practices.

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you like dehydrated coffee?

I voted for ‘Yes it keeps it fresh’ but you’re presuming that’s why I do it.


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I’ve just been FOURTHED.


I like 'em cold

looks fine to me, suggest you may need more practice engaging in polls

I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m foreign tho

I reckon it does keep them fresher. They seem to smell nicer out of the fridge when you open the jar either way. Can’t do them any harm.