Coffee Wankers: Assemble - Advice Thread



Had a night of tapas and cocktails on Saturday and had to buy some coffee beans for the martinis. So I now have a bag of beans and thinking about buying a coffee grinder rather than continuing to use ready ground cafetiere-type stuff.

Pros? Cons? Thoughts? Suggestions?


I grind my own beans. It’s fine.


I get beans and grind them. It’s nicer than preground


Grinder for life


better coffee



Thought you were happily married!!!


Point me in the direction of a good coffee grinder pls



I cannot be arsed to grind my own beans



Lovely cut-back from 'toes and ruffers calmly strokes home the tap-in :soccer: :goal_net:


you don’t need anything fancy


You could use them to fill maracas and then have a Mexican themed party. The next morning you would then have ground beans for your coffee as well as having bean able to create sweet music.


am i right in thinking though you want one that actually grinds rather than chops with a blade?

if you respond please also bear in mind that:


Lost me there


yeah, small electric “grinders” are bullshit

you want a burr one really

this will do


Now you too can pay actual money to turn making a coffee into manual labour


think pestle & mortar vs stick blender

definitely spelled pestle all wrong there haven’t i


oooh i only hand-grind my analogue beans while wearing my waistcoat and listening to mumford and sons


mate if you’re gonna be a coffee wanker you may as well do it properly