Coffee Wankers: Assemble - Advice Thread



just like all those artisan coffee shops manually grinding the beans for every cup they make, yeah??


Just smash them between two pebbles


larger electronic grinders normally have a burr blade unlike the pissy lil ones


I’ve got one of these. it’s fine.


I have set up a small water mill at my local stream, it was costly but I think you will agree worthwhile.


Depends on how many valleys your local stream passes through? I only drink from triple pre-creviced waterways


Sometimes worth it, sometimes nah

Your coffee will be naff if the beans are shit, no matter how they are ground.



Had a manual burr grinder for years then lost the handle, so replaced it with a small electric blade one. Maybe not as good, but still much better than preground and a lot easier when you’re hungover.



I use an electric grinder takes about 30 seconds to grind a handful of beans the resultant coffee is usually delicious

is a bit of a pain to clean though


subthread!: show us yer machines

currently using either this:

and this, depending on stuff

all other coffee apparatuses are in the cupboard, lying fallow.


I’ve got this guy:

This at work:

This at home:


that looks like a drugs thing.


People call me old fashioned but


for one cup:

for more than one cup:

for lazy:


So…Got this under my bed (no room in current house share kitchen) ready for when I get my own home (soon pls)

For just me and the bf, we either use this

or this (in blue same as japes)

or this

or recent addition

THIS :heart:


oh fuck i also have the bottom one, in RED

(cold brew jug, yes? i should make some tonight!!)


fuck off


(not you personally)