Coffee Wankers: Assemble - Advice Thread



is your grinder decent?

bean (gettit) happily using a crupps blade one for years - but might upgrade to one of those



I also have this for tea


omg what’s your cold brew tea recipe???


i’ve got the second one at work, seems to make quite a weak cuppa and i end up using more coffee than i would by other methods. am i doin it rong?


I just stick teabags in a big jug of cold water for a few hours

works lovely


erm i put tea in it thats it
I actually used the Hario one for tea yesterday. Just shove like 2 heaped teaspoons of loose english brek (i like the one from waitrose own brand) tea in the night before.
I usually add in a splash of still fresh lemonade from M&S to make arnold palmers

I’m gonna get these to try cause they sound delish



This is the one we use, it’s great but it’s a bit of a faff when you’re lazy. I’ve been threatening to get an electric one for years but I get the death stare every time. We use an aeropress too.


Yeah I really like it. Makes lovely coffee and you can set it for the number of cups you want to make and it’ll stop grinding automatically!


I wasn’t a grinder, then was, then gave up again as the results weren’t different enough. Just buy REALLY fucking good coffee, get them to use their mega in-house grinder, and use that. Belting. Just a layer of faff that isn’t really needed - and I love coffee making faff.


i don’t see nothin wrong with a little burr n’ grind


I have an electric grinder.
It’s fine but also it’s a bit of a pain I guess.


Got one of those! It’s great, though I have managed to round off the handle attachment so it literally only works with the handle in one specific position. Should probably buy a new one tbh, but I very much enjoy the fact that it’s steel so if I drop it (when I drop it) it bounces.


It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re grinding though!! Like the bf will ask if I want coffee, he’ll start grinding and then I’ll hear drumming… I expect my coffee to arrive at least an hour after he’s asked :slight_smile:


I tend to do a sort of dance, and if our daughter spots me doing it she’ll rotate on the spot until I finish - she does the same with the microwave!


HAHA, brilliant. We actually do weird dancing sometimes with it too.