Coffee wankers: ASSEMBLE

I got a Hario dripper thing to take to work because they’re taking away our coffee machine and the filter coffee is shit.

I tried it out at home and the resulting coffee was really flat and flavourless compared to using my aeropress. What have I done wrong?

Other coffee chat encouraged.

I’ve never used a Hario one but I’ve used the filter cone method for ages and I’ve found it’s great. However, you tend to have to use a bit more coffee. I use a heaped tablespoon scoop of the standard grind for cafetieres and at least strength 4.

How’re you pouring it over?

I wet the grounds first. Don’t pour water directly onto the paper, just pour it on the grounds.

Also, what coffee are you using?

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Wetting the grounds first, then letting it sit for 30 seconds before pouring on more in a circular pattern (and not on to the paper).

I’m using Rave’s Chatsworth Blend at the moment, which is beautiful with the aeropress.

my friend has one of these:

makes a really, really nice cup of coffee. had a few failed experiments at first - but once you nail it, you get a perfect cup, every time

think I might get one. can’t be assed with the mocha for daily coffee. took much cleaning time

Yeah, that’s what I do.

Absolutely no idea then :frowning:

Maybe I need to use more coffee? I’ve been using a full level scoop so far.

I guess – the Aeropress makes an epressso, then you top it up with water.

With the filter you’re making a filter coffee. Maybe this coffee tastes better as an espresso?

Eps and penoids love it so, the happy world of Hario.

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Just pour the water straight on top, ffs.

This isn’t the filth thread.


currently into the second week of no coffee on a Monday to Friday. feeling pretty decent I can tell ya.

fresh mind

Take it to the “No Coffee” wankers thread.

hang on a sec. are you not familiar with Saturday and Sunday? they come round about the same time every week, if that helps jog your memory

I would destroy you with a witty comment here, but I’m off to make a beautiful cup of coffee instead.


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enjoy your highly acidic, potentially stomach ruining hot beverage

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Now i’ve worked out that the areopress is for espresso, its good

I still prefer my proper espresso machine but theres no counter space in my current kitchen :frowning:
We did get a soda stream tho and now i dont know how we lived without a soda stream

By not drinking carbonated coffee?

Now theres an idea

I’d bet you my (multiple) penoid card collection(s) that I could tell the difference between this same coffee made by aeropress and by Hario dripper in a double blind test. Easily. And I’m not even that much of a coffee wanker.