Coffee wankers update


We all living our best coffee wanker life?

I recently switched from buying from Rave to Pact. It isn’t as good.


I don’t care for Rave or Pact, I just buy coffee beans from Waitrose like the other common folk.


Brought a cafetiere into work, no longer drink instant anywhere.Missus says i’m not allowed to take my own coffee to other peoples houses so i go without there


We’re currently working our way through Lidl’s Donkey Kong Barrels. They’re as you would expect - fine.


u wot m73?


Really loving my Hario. Been drinking some ground coffee from Sumatra recently, pretty, pretty, pretty good.


What grinds your beans?


Got myself a coffee grinder for work to secure my place as Office Coffee Wanker. Quite enjoying announcing every coffee I have with a loud grinding session.


Usually grab a coffee from the shop at the station in the morning


an electric grinder? This is gloriously obnoxious



Just your bog standard De’Longhi ESAM2800 Cafe Corso Bean to Cup Coffee Machine m8





I’m still big on the V60 - haven’t used the stove tops in ages

Now my son is drinking coffee too, and I’m taking a 2nd cup into work both days I’m having to restock on beans a bit more frequently

I get the filter blend from the local coffee shop chain who roast their own beans

Been using a basic Krupps blade grinder for years - keep meaning to upgrade to a burr grinder but never seem to get round to it


Manual. Quite enjoy the fuss it causes as everyone tries to work out what that noise is and there I am, smiling away, grinding my beans.


Drinking this stuff in the office. Pretty great for supermarket coffee.


just go to my vegan veg friendly coffee joint down the road. Really good. Love the people and the coffee.


Need a new grinder, mines on its last legs.

My GFs sister came back from the US claiming to be really into coffee now

We went round her last Saturday. Turns out she’s actually really into those sugary af artificial creamers that americans put into coffee. Seeing a grown ass woman opine about toffee fudge and mint choc chip creamer in coffee possibly killed that last bit of affection I had for humanity.


Have asked for some kind of coffee subscription for Christmas so hopefully I’ll get something nice.

My top London tip is Algerian Coffee Stores. Best best best shop. Still thinking about getting a better grinder.

Still on the V60 at weekends. Not arsed about making it during the week.