Coffee wankers update

Obligatory Pelicano reply

(I’ve been getting my beans from them for three years - and given that if you go into one of their cafes their bags are all north of a tenner, eighteen pound for two bags a month is a steal)

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Always get my coffee from Django, £21.50/kg every month. Currently 30% off with code #WASINGA30



Oops, sorry!

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So the nicest coffee I’ve ever made at home was with a Hario cloth filter thingy. I’m happy with a v60, but it’s not quite the same

But I just had this website come up in an insta ad, and I’m quite tempted to buy a couple|+Sales+|+Prospecting+|+Cloth+Filter&utm_content=Carousel1+|+100%25+eco&utm_term=Coffee+Preparation&AdSetName=Coffee+Preparation&ad_id=23857836146960632&fbclid=PAAaYPOJMjRYbfx82RbQwy9DpXEFlNgBHKxSY12ah94jf0fpQMYNCFgEclIK4_aem_AQizMYO0hIIAhQ_CE-M-5iXpNJljF59vLEFTMVyECYYyZFXWg8h70lxpipzAafWEMPm5zBen0h9MwGek93XF07Ln

Colour me very intrigued

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I think I’m going to buy a couple of these to try them out for my pourover methods. I already use a metal filter for Aeropress. Thanks for the recommendation!


Need some new scales. I’ve had a set for under a year which rip through AAA batteries in no time. Probably want some USB rechargeable ones but I don’t want spenny ones really. Any recommendations?

That’s reminded me of my long held desire to own and use a Chemex.

I mean, ever since our lord and saviour James Hoffmann enthuse about how the light refracts and beautifies the coffee.

Cloth seems like a ball ache to me but hey

These aren’t USB, but I’ve had them for years and the battery life is incredible

arguably, any method of coffee that isn’t instant is a ballache, but here we are :slight_smile:

Anyway, typically these cloth filters have been advertised to me the day after I just ordered another 300 paper filters. I guess I could just buy one cloth filter for now and carry on using paper alongside it?

Touché :yum:

Do you launder a cloth filter? How do you clean it?

I have a handful of filters left, so if I ordered now it could be the perfect crime!

But also yes how they actually get cleaned and reused is quite important …

Seems doable

Something I read about the hario one said keep them in a jar of water in the fridge, which sounds crazy, but I can make some room in my beer fridge for that

Don’t get the Bodum one - it has good reviews and it’s reasonably priced (though AAA batteries) but it’s absolutely honking. The buttons are really insensitive so you have to hammer them really hard to get them to do anything. Infuriating.

I have and really love these Timemore scales but they might fall under spenny:

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Coffee drinker, not coffee wanker, here.

Manual or electric bean grinder and any specific cheapish recommendations? Can’t face going back through a thread this long to search.

The DiS approved standard is the Wilfa Svart, but it’s quite pricey as a first grinder

I had one of these before which did grind beans but you didn’t have much control of how fine things were


how cheap is cheap?

I was thinking something like <£20 for manual or <£40 for electric, is that too low a budget for something worthwhile? Just for general cafetiere use.

Sweet, but yeah, definitely not in my budget. Will have a look at the other one though.