Coffee wankers update

Something I read about the hario one said keep them in a jar of water in the fridge, which sounds crazy, but I can make some room in my beer fridge for that

Don’t get the Bodum one - it has good reviews and it’s reasonably priced (though AAA batteries) but it’s absolutely honking. The buttons are really insensitive so you have to hammer them really hard to get them to do anything. Infuriating.

I have and really love these Timemore scales but they might fall under spenny:

Coffee drinker, not coffee wanker, here.

Manual or electric bean grinder and any specific cheapish recommendations? Can’t face going back through a thread this long to search.

The DiS approved standard is the Wilfa Svart, but it’s quite pricey as a first grinder

I had one of these before which did grind beans but you didn’t have much control of how fine things were


how cheap is cheap?

I was thinking something like <£20 for manual or <£40 for electric, is that too low a budget for something worthwhile? Just for general cafetiere use.

Sweet, but yeah, definitely not in my budget. Will have a look at the other one though.

nah. although its dead easy to spend more.

I had this before I upgraded, and it does a decent enough job.

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Definitely don’t buy one of the Hario manual grinders like this, they take FOREVER to grind anything.

I’ve got a 1Zpresso manual grinder (~£120) and it’s better than any electric one I’ve used, but yeah a cheap manual one will take so long that you’ll get really sick of it.

Probably better with a cheaper electric one if you’re going cheap (which is absolutely fine!)

I had this before I upgraded to the manual one and it was perfectly good!

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Also I feel like larger cafetière grind will be more forgiving of a lower quality grinder than a finer pour over style grind? Not sure that’s based on much but … my vibe

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Agreed, it’ll be way more forgiving! But I’d still not wish the pain of one of those cheap Hario hand grinders on anyone :sweat_smile:


I’m in a desperate situation with V60 papers. I’m down to my last three. I ordered some more last weekend, but they still haven’t arrived. I might have to switch around my brewing method for the next couple of days to make them last - a pot of cold brew tomorrow morning maybe, an espresso & tonic this afternoon…

Bond Street coffee sell them if it’s urgent

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I’ll manage one way or the other. What was a couple of 100 packs of papers coming, and the two cloth filters I ordered too buying extras seems a bit silly (even though I’m sure they’d get used in the end)

I got my cloth filters through today.

first impressions - water runs through quicker, so I probably need to grind a bit finer for it. Size wise, it’s fine, taste wise it’s good, but I’ve just made one cup which ran through quite quick, but I’m certainly not disappointed so far.

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just ordered one now - free shipping made it an easy call

if I like it after 10 or so goes, then will get the cleaning stuff and maybe a second filter. Worth a tenner as a trial anyway

Hmm my first go ran through a good 45s-1min faster than usual, even after grinding a step finer

Really not a nice cup in the end sadly. Gonna be fun to see if a few tweaks make it workable/good for me, but it’s a bad first result (very possible user error ofc)

Tbf, useful in a way too. I get a bit disappointed sometimes that my cups are really basic or I can’t taste many subtleties - but having a bad cup reminds me that I usually brew half decently, and should be grateful for solid dependable coffee :smiley:

Every cloud, and all that. It’ll just be a matter of getting the grind size right, I’m sure

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