Coffee wankers update

Borrowed a Niche Zero off a guy at work who has gone down the espresso rabbithole harder and faster than me. Let’s see if this makes a difference vs the Barista Express built-in grinder.

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Anyone got a Sage Precision Brewer? Been thinking of adding one to my collection - mainly cos I’m drinking 2-3 cups throughout the morning and maybe one for my partner too and this will save time and looks like a neat little gadget for brewing more than one cup. Would be really handy when we have guests too. My pourover kettle will only really do two cups.

I seem to remember a few people here being positive about the Moccamaster if you want a more kitsch option.

It’s so (un)coooll, such a lovely machine

Moccamaster is awesome.


Problem with the speciality coffee and roasted-for-filter beans I treat myself to is that it has ruined supermarket coffee for me. Is it me or is there nothing that’s not extremely bitter? Makes me gag as I am making it


Haven’t bought beans from a supermarket for years. I wouldn’t actually be too adverse to it if the sort of brands they stocked printed the roasted date on packaging and gave information on the origin of the beans (more than just the country they’re from, for example. I need roast type, dammit)

Waitrose and Holland and Barrett used to stock some sort of vaguely okay beans - possibly called Roastworks or something? And I’m sure you can get Union in some supermarkets.

I get 1kg delivered every month which means I never ever run out thankfully

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Yeah - always too darkly roasted and bitter

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That’s a shout. Never thought to shop in there for coffee.

I currently have 350g delivered every month but it’s not enough. Not reckoned with the additional cost of bumping that to fortnightly yet. Extra £14 a month, so an expensive way to do it.

Somehow I’ve used my 1kg for this month :crazy_face: so I’m onto the darker-roasted stuff I bought back from an Italian roastery / coffee museum. As an espresso on hols it was fine but I am not anticipating great things from the Aeropress I’ve just made. We’ll see.

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thankfully new beans should be here tomorrow

Im in France again and after all these years I’m still surprised at how shit their coffee is. McDonald’s is legit the best you can get

Spain wasn’t much better either, but at least it was only like 60c for an espresso there

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it’s all robusta in france isn’t it. don’t know about spain but at least in the cities you can get nice third wave coffee.

i don’t mind italian style espressos but i can’t make them at home so these beans are quite useless to me now

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Ha we’re exactly in the same situation. Got our monthly 1kg beans coming tomorrow and drinking pre-ground dark supermarket guff. It’s not… BAD really but it’s also… BAD I guess.

we really are coffee wankers


I’m very happy to be a coffee wanker - it’s often the main joy of my day tbh :joy:

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Yeah it’s amazing the difference between a £5 bag of “best” Tesco coffee, and cheapest £6-7 speciality stuff. Must be one of the most worthwhile improvements for the least money

I think if I had an espresso machine I might be able to get something drinkable out of it. But as a longer drink it tastes horrible to me. I even put some milk in it and it was still nasty!

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Yeah was awful even in moka pot, which is my usual milk coffee method - and pretty forgiving too!

Also I really shouldn’t go down home espresso route

But dammit I keep thinking about it. Should just spend the money on a fancier grinder tbh

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