Coffee wankers update

I’ve been using these for the past few years.

Have suited me perfectly, although on the small side so depends on what you use etc.

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I use a cheap thing I got off Amazon - I think. It’s rechargable, and accurate to 0.1g - only problem I’ve had is it’s a bit slow (can take half a second or so to respond to changes) and it’s not as slimline as some, but it’s pretty cheap and works fine for the level of Coffee Wankery in this house.

I got the bodum barista scale but DON’T GET IT. The ‘button’ part of the glass doesn’t work properly so it can take you ages and quite a few presses to e.g. reset the scale. Makes me want to throw it out the window every morning.

I got the expensive TIMEMORE scales

They are good at weighing stuff but the other functions can be fiddly, I’m forever trying to get it to stop beeping and it is forever trying to turn the beeping back on.

Mine are these which are discontinued

but these scales look identical
and these

The batteries in mine seem to last forever

‘Christmas’ coffee beans with all the spice and mulled flavours

  • Fucking horrendous
  • I like it!
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Guys, life can be fun


I’m not averse to nonsense Christmas drinks - I’ve got about four different types of bullshit tea with cinnamon and cloves and that in on the go at the moment - but there’s no need to put the flavouring on the beans themselves. Stick a bit of syrup in there or something.

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Whole coffee beans with added shit - no way.

Nice coffee beans processed and roasted in a way that means they have christmassy flavours - absolutely. Looking forward to getting this delivered:


Pelicano’s Christmas blend was on the shelf next to some Ethiopian beans last time I was in there, and all I could think of was Band Aid

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This sounds so good! Rarely get beans delivered as I prefer to buy from my local place but this is super tempting

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I’d wholeheartedly recommend anything from Curve - a couple of my favourite local coffee shops regularly have their beans available and they’ve always been fantastic. In particular, their “Rare & Unique” coffees are outstanding. I really liked their old roastery/cafe space in Margate but haven’t been to the new one.

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I’ve heard good things about Smith Street and they’re currently doing 1.6kg for a nice price for Black Friday, if that’s your bag.

Tempted with a bag of the funkier ones…

Wow that is one of the most annoying websites I’ve ever seen a legitimate business have. Still managed to order though, thanks!

I’d only seen it on a phone until just now, holy mother of god

I’m still ordering, though

Thanks just ordered a big bag of decaf

Pelicano doing 25% off everything online today.

Glad I did a big order last week!

Oh, I have a kg coming from Django next week, so I don’t really need any more. And yet…

Does anyone freeze beans?


The listings state 60% free. But it’s 38% ‘free’ and 60% extra for free

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not sure how i’ve let it happen again but i’m out of coffee and it’s three days until my 1kg delivery. can’t wait that long so will go and get some beans from my local coffee shop this morning to tide me over.