Coffee wankers update


plasticmike went to Algerian Coffee Stores yesterday and asked for a recommendation to use for V60. They’ve sold him awful oily dark roast bollocks and it’s tastes absolutely awful when used in a pour over. Fucking irked mates. Good job my Old Spike bag is due today :angry::angry::angry:


If anyone can make use of them please shout, otherwise they’re gonna go to waste. I’m sure they’d taste okay if you used a cafetiere / moka pot / some kind of espresso machine?


i thought you meant an aeropress, but no! never seen these before. look cool. basically the same principle as a moka pot?


I have now ordered some of this because I’m close to running out. Will blame you if it’s shit, obvs.


the stuff I got a couple of weeks ago was very very nice

one bag every 2 weeks isn’t enough though. one every week is too much. WHAT TO DO


Drink more coffee.


i don’t think it’s possible unless i start drinking it after work


Get 3 bags every 4 weeks or something? Idk


I go up and buy coffee nearly every morning, from the wee coffee shop in work. It is apparently “ethinical” (sic) coffee.


the lady that works in it is dead nice, she’s been here for the guts of 20 years apparently.


how’s a cafetiere more ‘sustainable’ than a moka pot?


oh u think yr so clever don’t u


Still quite enjoying the Rave coffee (fudge one, haven’t tried the other one) and my friend sent me down my fave Ozone Tamper blend.


why have i replied to myself here

was meant for @rich-t


Ha ha


Similar to a moka pot. However at the end, all of the coffee passes back through a filter so it’s much cleaner than a regular espresso and you don’t get any grounds or sediment. Can be tricky to clean afterwards though


Low on beans again. Before I increase my subscription, what’s everyone drinking? Not enough wankering going on in here for me if I’m being honest guys, come on.


That Old Spike order from five days ago hasn’t arrived yet so this morning I had to drink some pre-ground Aldi stuff that tastes like cardboard and I blame you for that, Nikola.


I go to a local coffee shop with my own container and they fill it up with beans and charge me for the weight.