Coffee wankers update


^this, but with Lidl (I haven’t had good enough coffee regularly enough to be bothered by cardboard taste though, it is cheaper than asda’s stuff and tastes better so fine by me).


Another vote for Tesco finest cardboard


I’ve got this at the moment:

Pharmacie is getting a good rep around town though, so I might see if can try some of theirs when this bag’s done:


all of you need to get out of this thread


I’m now drinking work filter coffee. Tastes like it’s been stewing for a bit. I reckon if I was some kind of filthy casual who takes milk in my coffee it would go a bit grey.


:smiley: it’s on rotation at work. Just finished some of these
-not the best I’ve had from HN


Probably need a separate thread for passable supermarket beans/ground stuff.

Quite like illy tbh


Anything you would recommend from them? I’m thinking of taking a cba day tomorrow and could pop in to buy something.


Waitrose = Roastworks

Sainsbos = Modern Standard


Their stock changes seasonally so dunno what they have in atm. That’s the first dud I’ve bought (bit acidic for my liking) really, everything else has been great including

Sucker for chocolate tho.


Me too. Had some major budgetary cuts at home, so have dropped the endlessly bought cups of twat-coffee. Reckon you could creosote a fence with the work stuff, which is troubling.

Tend to bosh down 7 of those, if I don’t have a proper cup. Basically methadone, compared to a bought cup’s heroin.


Waitrose Kenya AA for me


Currently using some super wanker pacamara beans we bought in Portland, but while in London we usually have either Vagabond (local roasters, lovely people) or Dark Arts on the go.


@chanticleer what beans you bean2cupping with?

am I supposed to use only espresso beans for espresso? been trying a few different beans and having climbed the highest coffee mountains I still haven’t found what I’m looking for


I don’t tend to buy espresso blends/roasts at all - lots of beans work very well and experimenting is half the fun! I don’t personally like the typically juicy, bright East African coffees as espresso, or anything very lightly roasted, but have tried and enjoyed a lot of different origin/varietals/processed beans and found different things to enjoy about them. My favourites tend to be natural process from South America, especially Colombia.


Mostly experimenting right now. I’m tending towards medium roast as a bean of choice - particularly oily dark roasts go really bitter, but lighter ones tend to be muddy. But it’s very much early days.


@plasticniki the Old Spike beans got here yesterday and they are delicious


Which beans did you get? I’ve finished my batch so I’m on emergency beans from Union :grimacing:



Oooh yeah I think I was sent one of those. Was lovely.