Coffee wankers update


Just missed my train because I got distracted by the coffee cart at the station. Better be good.


I nearly missed my stop yesterday because I was busy cropping a photo of Donald Tusk for the Brexit thread. Was very very nearly off to visit @thewarn


Black Friday (yes it’s Thursday) beans m9s:

30% off at with code ORANGETHURSDAY
25% off at (had some beans from here last BF, v v v good, the offer is valid from tomorrow)

How's your Black Friday preparation going?

Better than Rave’s pathetic effort of BUY ONE GET ONE 25% off




So sad. Round Hill’s 25% off is for tomorrow I think.

Update: bought one of each of the omni roasts from Craft House.

I fucking love coffee.

Might start drinking it in the evenings.

#647 < 25% off < 25% off

How's your Black Friday preparation going?

£18.99 Aeropress on Amazon atm


I ended up buying some Pelicano Coffee beans last weekend. I always buy Small Batch, so I thought I’d mix it up about. I went for the Colombian, which were a good choice. Good job it was quiet when I went in though, because they didn’t have any tasting notes up anywhere (and it looks like they don’t online either)


Can somebody, @plasticniki maybe, let me know if Eurosport player goes down to £2 or something pls.


I would also be interested in such information. Will try to remember to check at points.

Edit: wait, why is this in the coffee thread?


Because I thought it was the black Friday thread


Fair enough :+1:


I am only just coming to the end of my areopress filters after about 5 years. WTF


LOL yes okay of course


Vagabond Coffee Roasters are doing 20% off til Monday with code BFCM2018. Their direct trade Colombian is really good stuff!


I am now one of those twats who takes a grinder on holiday :grimacing:


I’ve added a v60 to our packing list.

Edit - should probably pack filter papers too.


Enjoy explaining to security that it’s not a sex toy in Gatwick.


Can’t wait.