Coffee wankers update


i usually have their beans, but stick to espresso blend (I’m an espresso-based coffee wanker). I like them a lot. Cheap as well vs other places. Treat beans are coffee @ 33 ones (which they stock in Hisbe if you’re ever in the mood for ethical supermarket shopping)


holy shit I’ve taken my hand grinder to work to inflict my wankerism there and OH MY GOD they are so much hard work!


They’re fine, you’ll have the forearms of a young Popeye soon enough.



we only have a hot water tap here which is quite powerful which fucks up the flow of water on the grinds which is a bit annoying. and i think i need to change the grind size too. better than the shite machine here tho innit.


Maybe you could decant the hot water via another mug or something?

It’ll be great fun explaining what you’re doing to anyone who walks in on you.


I’d get a jug especially for the purpose, might as well commit to the process fully.


gonna get something like this i reckon





Can water the office ferns when you’re done, too.


So my little gooseneck jug arrvied :relaxed:

HOWEVER I think I have broken my hand grinder. It’s grinding way too fine and I can barely turn the thing. Also I can’t turn the thing inside to make it coarser. Think I’ve wound it too much to the other side. FUCK.

Quite irked tbh.


Yeah I did that with the one my gf got me last Christmas. Felt terrible until I looked up the model to replace it and saw it cost £8 or something. Surprised it lasted as long as it did.

My new one’s much better.




I really want this little set for work

isnt it cute
might just buy it


Gonna buy a nice tamper and a mat for gf for Christmas, does anyone have a good one?



what i want to know is why do two espresso cups come with a cafetiere?


Jaysus - coffee and bikes, when two idiot wanker worlds collide


just small cups aint they


I think my bean to cup machine is the greatest thing I’ve ever purchased


Melbourne has a very strong coffee wanker game. I bought some beans for while I’m over here, and the guy who served me suggested that a v60 was very sensitive (really?), and when I asked for a takeaway double espresso I had to choose between an Ethiopian or unwashed Colombian coffee. Hats off though - it was delicious.

I’m going to use jet lag as my excuse for drinking all the coffee over the next few days.