Coffee wankers update


Higher Ground
650 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
+61 3 8899 6219

This place was good. Nice for breakfast too
Queues were bad though.


I’d get along to Proud Mary if you can - we went to their cafe in Portland a couple of months ago and had the best brunch I’ve ever eaten!


It’s a bit far from where we’re staying at the moment, but literally just round the corner from where we are at the end of our trip, so I’ll add it to the list of places to check out


That’s also a bit of a trek (we’re out in St Kilda), but the cafe I’m just back from we’re serving Proud Mary coffee.


Yes, I am fully aware how this sounds but here goes:

Would a 52mm diameter coffee tamper work in a 51mm portafilter??


Christmas is a time for indoctrination:


That’s too far.


I got silly amounts of beans for Christmas, I’m the only person in the house who drinks them.

How best to store them and prolong shelf life??

Can you freeze them??


My #germanmates got me some stuff from this place , which supposedly has a good reputation over there.

I’m starting to see why the Aldi stuff tastes like… that.


Went back from @plasticniki’s comment to like this and it turns out I’d already liked it so there you go. You’ll have to post it again somewhere J-Dogg.


I live in Melbourne. There is pretty much nowhere else to go as far as coffee wankerdom goes. I guess the ultimate is a flat white from the vegan ice cream shop with some nut-based milk they made themselves that morning.


It’s too early to make a joke about this so you’ll have to fill in the gaps yourself.

Hint: semen


Yes. Tape over the air holes though apparently


I found this place, just round the corner from where we stayed in Melbourne, was peak coffee wanker:


Think I need a new aeropress rubber bit. I’m getting leakage when flipping using the inverted method so I’m going to have to go back to the basic method.

Anyone know of somewhere that sells spare parts and good coffee? I fancy trying somewhere new.



Thanks. Obviously I can just order a replacement on its own, but that wasn’t really what I was asking for.


Is a V60 an upgrade on an aeropress?


But they’re Irish, dunno about postage to brexitland


I would say that they’re too different to consider one an upgrade over the other. If you enjoy a lighter bodied, brighter cup of coffee then you may prefer the results you get from a V60, but I would argue that an Aeropress is the more versatile device.