Coffee wankers update

Haven’t had an espresso for over a fortnight now and my fresh ground beans for moka ran out a week ago. Have enough good coffee in reserve for a week or so than it will be back to lavazza or something similar. Really miss going to local cafes. It’s all I did really…


I love my cold brew jug, have it in the fridge constantly and it is the only way I can get a nice morning coffee whilst also managing toddler breakfast.


This morning I tamped down my coffee and plugged it into the coffee machine…then I unaccountably decided to froth my milk first. Did that, removed the holder from the machine and scraped the lot into the bin, before realising I hadn’t actually made the coffee at all. What a waste.

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Right you fucking pricks, have just ordered 1.25kg (free delivery) of beans from one of your fancy dan online places.

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I got my first subscription coffee yesterday. I went with Pelicano who I posted upthread, and I’ll get 300g every fortnight. Fingers crossed that’s enough.


Oooooh, what did you get?


/Whole Bean (Whole)

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Whole is starting to look like it’s not a real word.

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Checked it at least twice typing it because it didn’t look real.

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nice. what roaster?

Rave (never heard of them).

Get out!

probably actually fine for cold brew

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Pelicano in Brighton are still roasting, and delivering mail order…

“We will still be delivering coffee to your doors via our website during this time so please still shop local whilst isolating! Use the code - isolationcoffee for 20% off all orders!”

I posted that I’ve just started a subscription with them only an hour ago!!!

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oh yeah, missed that! :slight_smile:

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if anyone needs any beans I recommend this roaster and they have a great deal on for 1kg

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Hello coffee wankers. Sorry but I cannot be arsed to read the thread and do not want to become a coffee wanker but in these trying times needs must and all that shit. So, can anyone please recommend me a hand grinder (hand grinder) if possible and maybe also one of those bean delivery services that is not shit? Thanks in advance.

Someone asked about a week ago and porlex mini was the only suggestion

i’m sorry but this has coffee wanker written all over it

hand grinder: can’t go wrong with hario and they have 25% off at the moment, i’d get this: (code is BREWATHOME)

beans: django, or whatever your local roaster is. they probably really need the business.