Coffee wankers update

It looks like you’re getting “fines” in your grind (i.e. bits of bean which are significantly smaller than the average size). That’s what causes this slightly sludge-y paste you’re seeing. If the coffee you’re making tastes fine to you then it’s nothing to worry about, but you might find that it tastes over-extracted (slightly bitter or acidic) due to the larger-than-intended surface area of the ground coffee.

You could try cleaning your grinder out, but you might find it’s hard to avoid without changing grinders entirely.

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I was out in town anyway, so I stopped into Red Roaster at lunchtime and just bought myself a kilo of the Costa Rica to see me through lockdown (which is on top of my regular coffee subscription).

For the Pelicano fans (and future Pelicano fans) out there:


that’s my next order sorted then!

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This is what they’ve delivered to me as my subscription this week. I won’t be opening it until the last lots finished, but the cats think it smells VERY interesting

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That looks like a good haul!

The code worked a bit weirdly for me (took 20% off, but then charged for shipping!) but I’m not complaining!

weird, I’m sure I got the shipping free too …? One of the Guatemala’s is for a friend but pretty happy to have a kg of new coffee in the cupboard anyway - stocks were running low!

I think it was something weird around adding a 1kg bag, but don’t really remember. They usually just drop it round the next day (I’m about 7 miles away from them in town) but they shipped it this time so who knows :slight_smile:

Impulse bought a bean to cup coffee machine in the sales and think I might have just been drinking brown water out of my moka pot. The difference in flavour and strength is insane. Buzzing my tits off here.


Just bought these:

Tasting notes of chocolate and hazelnut may be if interest to @meowington

It sure does! I really liked your last recommendation to me so I’m gonna order this to try!

This also sounds good


yeah, it was a toss up between the two. The place they roast them is close enough that I can pop out and buy a bag and be back in half an hour, so I’ll head back at some point - I’ll probably stock up before Christmas so I don’t run out while things are closed between Christmas and New Year

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I’ve ordered both cause why not. I also needed some aeropress filters anyway.
Can’t be running out of coffee over Christmas!

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that Guatemala from Pelicano was easily one of the best coffees I’ve had through all of lockdown btw so cheers!


Are we crowning @rob.orch king of the coffee wankers?


i ordered some beans on november 26th

they were dispatched on december 1st

it’s now the 10th, they’re still not here


I assume you’re mainly concerned about bean freshness :slight_smile:

(that sucks - where did you order from?)