Coffee wankers update

Flattering, but I don’t even own a goose neck kettle!

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craft house

not really worried about the freshness tbh, but i am dangerously close to running out of beans here, but i know the second i buy some they’ll turn up!

that’s a given!

Ooh - a nice little bonus in my Pelicano subscription this week!


What’s really good is that for the past two days I’ve stopped by the local branch to try and buy some but they haven’t been in stock. I asked on Instagram when they’d be getting it, then an hour or two later my delivery arrived!


I cracked open the Pelicano Christmas blend this afternoon

Mulled wide?

(More than anything it just tastes of coffee)

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New toy…


Was very close to buying a moccamaster the other day.

Anyone tried date coffee? I’ve just had an Instagram ad for this:


No, thank you

BUT it is in the back of my mind that my coffee habit is probably environmentally unsustainable and exploitative and I ought to do something about it

I’m not wholly sure either, but I’d try it once.

I tried that bulletproof coffee once, and now I can say I’ve had it (and don’t need to try it again)

My grinder has just given up the ghost :weary::weary:

Its one of these

Any reccs for something around £50ish?

This is mine, its fine

Krups Expert Burr Grinder: Kitchen & Home

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Cheers will probably go for something similar again, googled budget coffee grinders and everything reviewed is like £150+ :joy:

In what world is that budget?

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This is the coffee world were talking about here. Worse than the beer world


I’ve got this one, which does a good job:

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even my hand grinder cost £100


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I also have this one


David Lynch has his own coffee brand. Has anyone tried it? I’m very tempted even though it’s a couple of dollars more than I usually pay.