Coffee wankers update

I’d only be tempted if it was him who roasted the beans used in the diner in Twin Peaks, and the line about a damn fine cup of coffee wasn’t part of the script but was a genuine sentiment. I haven’t done any research, but I fear this may not be the case.

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But how about the cycling and the wedding worlds?

watching a review of a $3500 grinder

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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has anyone roasted their own beans at home before? Local cafe just started selling beans by this lot, and saw this on their site which intrigued me - says you just need a frying pan to do it

Next they’ll be making us fly out to Colombia to pick our own beans

I’m sure you can do it with just a frying pan, but it’s probably similar to homebrewing - when there’s such good quality coffee out there that’s leagues ahead of what you could do at home, is it really worth it?

You can definitely get much better coffee than I would roast for £8, that’s for sure

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Surely a one off novelty at best

I would watch an Instagram story of someone doing this, but not a YouTube video

yeah that was all my plan was

but i think you need a stainless steel or cast iron pan (don’t have) and a well-ventilated kitchen (don’t have). So might sack it off

imagine all your food prepared in said pan would taste of burnt coffee for two weeks. which as someone with an addiction I’m not strictly against.

I have both of those things - post the beans to me and I’ll make you an Instagram story of me doing it :smiley:

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Have you seen they’re opening a massive new Pelicano roastery where they old labour club was on Lewes Road Tim? I reckon I’ll be able to smell them roasting when I open my windows in the summer.

Yes I did - I assumed it was going to be a coffee shop, not a roasters. Interesting. Be slightly closer for me than the level when I go to buy my regular 1kg bag of beans - I wish they’d do big bags of some of the other varieties though.

I’m fairly sure they will if you ask, because you can get the speciality coffee subscription in 300g or 1k options.

roaster and “training lab” whatever that means:

Yeah that would be really convenient. £20 for a kg bag is amazing value for such nice coffee. I find it difficult to justify spending more for anything else

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Red Roaster do kilo bags of their single origin too. I know they’re not cutting edge roasters compared to some other newcomers but they know what they’re doing

Anyone used Japanese style drip coffee bags before? Quite fun

How so?

It’s a little self contained dripper/dose of coffee, novel and therefore fun imho