Coffee wankers update

my flatmate just made such a bad V60 that I had to have it with milk to make it drinkable … tbf the result is basically like a nicer milky tea so, not all bad

You know you’re straying into worrying ground when you’re not sure whether to post something in the bike thread or the coffee thread:

The one on the right is really good, will give the blend a go as well soon


There seems to be quite a big bike / coffee crossover in Sussex - a lot of country cafes that would have once been twee tea shops have realised that there’s a lot of passing trade on two wheels that they can entice with cake

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It’s not just Sussex it’s everywhere - cyclists love coffee and carbs


Coffee is part of the culture of cycling.

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These are a bit shit but I don’t care, I bought them recently

just did a big order from here, cheers! I’ve been finding a lot of my recent orders pretty samey (as in, solid coffee but nothing to make them stand out from any other roastery) so adding the charity angle makes this actively appealing

Can I interest you in Cafe Domenica?

Quite a few places round here stock it, and they’ve also taken over the cafe in the Dome theatre

Sorry to be negative in the thread, but the absolute state of this:

click through for other nasty things they’ve said.

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Ugh! I hope a Starbucks opens up right next door and steals all their business.

In other news, Jimbo poked his head into the brand new Pelicano round the corner from us earlier this morning, and asked my other half if they’d had a fire:

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Bloody hell, their twitter feed is absolutely tragic. Could be any one of a million racist facebook uncles decided to start an edgelord coffee brand.

That can’t be a real place, looks like something rejected from Nathan barley for being too obvious

In other news I watched the posh coffee YouTube guy talk about aero press for about an hour so gonna spend all weekend doing taste tests now

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if you mean the chap I’m thinking of, I’ve gone off him since he said Krispy Kreme donuts are the perfect dessert


Got myself a fancy new pourover thing, it’s an Origami dripper. It’s ceramic and pretty and I love it. Got a Hario cube stand and a Hario glass decanter, it’s all so nice!

Got a new grinder on the way (1Zspresso JX) and I think that’ll be me “done” for now. Bloody love this stuff.


You always think that, and then…

Ha I know, it’s part of the joy of it

Update to this, got the new grinder

It’s the 1Zpresso JX (pronounced easypresso as 1 is ee in mandarin or something like that), it’s lovely! Feels really solid, massive range of grind settings, grinds pretty much as fast as my previous electric grinder with very little physical effort.

It’ll take a while to get the settings right, but that’s part of the fun isn’t it?

(RE: the picture, the grinder isn’t especially big, I just have little hands)


Lovely socks and tiles you’ve got, there.

Why thank you - I considered editing them out, but life is too short

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That would be insane editing to get rid of all those tiles. You’re right - life’s far too short