Coffee wankers update


Is this grinder any good?

Making cold brew with a hand grinder is giving me tendonitis.


If you’re spending £100 on an electric grinder I’d be more inclined to go with the Baratza Encore or Wilfa Svart.

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I’ve got this too - thanks for the tip on how it’s pronounced though, I was saying 1 Zed Presso which clearly rolls off the tongue. Brilliant hand grinder even when using it for espresso which I think a lot of other hand grinders fall short of.

I bought a second hand Gaggia Classic just after first lockdown, which definitely has its limitations when making consecutive drinks but loving it and so happy I got it. Have just this week bought a V60 which I’ll have to get used to, finding it a bit of a faff at the moment but might be something I use over the weekends.

Been buying beans between Horsham, Hasbean and Round Hill. Round Hill have been the best for me so far in general but you will spend a touch more with them. Any other recommendations welcome!

Huh? It’s literally just pouring hot water over ground beans? Isn’t it?

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There’s a lot of techniques that can be used to make surprisingly different tasting drinks. I’ve been using the same coffee, same grind, same temperature of water, and only varying the pouring technique (timing, how many pours etc) and it makes a huge difference to the flavour

Maybe I’ve just got my routine down then. I maintain my position though - using a v60 is probably the most straightforward way in my eyes of making “proper” coffee


I’ve linked it before but this is great

Yeah, I just need to get into the routine and get my preferred method and recipe down I think but it definitely takes longer which adds to my faff comment. I will see how it goes but will stick with it.

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Ah this looks great, going to download now!

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Get your grind size right and use the app and it’ll improve your coffee greatly.

But… You could probably say thst for any method and make into a faff?

Guess the faff is maybe you cant just do it one or just leave it to sort itself out

Think im gonna take the mocca master plunge on payday

Yeah still trying to dial in to the right grind. Got it pretty much as good as I can for my espresso drinks so just adjusting to the pour over life!

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I mean for me, the faff is a large part of what I enjoy! The whole process is so relaxing for me

But yeah, you can absolutely just get one method and stick with it and it’ll be great

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I also find this very useful

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That’s interesting, I’ve never seen that before. My preferred coffee is a lower amount of beans ground finer, which seems to put me in the Rich, Sweet, Pleasing zone on the compass, which figures.

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:warning: cold brew season’s here :warning:


Was thinking the same earlier…

This might not be quite in the spirit of CW club but we have been going through boxes of Minor Figures’ Oat Latte recently, would recommend

Made a pot this morning (to drink tomorrow obvs)

I forgot how much coffee I use or how fine I grind the beans though so I’ve taken a guess