Coffee wankers update

cold brew is pretty forgiving i’ve found, i usually just chuck any old shit in my pot and let it sit for 12-24 hours and it’s always nice

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I use a similar weight of beans to what I’d used for filter coffee, pro-rata-ed up to the size of my cold brew vessel (based on a mug of coffee being about 250-300ml) , but ground roughly (at least caffetiere rough)

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Keep ordering replacement gaskets for my two Moka pots and they never seem to fit. From me ordering the wrong ones, to getting ones that fit, but slightly loosely so the coffee spurts everywhere. Driving me mad. Anyone had similar issues? I wish Bialetti would stamp a model number on the thing somewhere.

Probably not what you want to hear, but I ordered one and it was a perfect fit first time. Did take ages to guess what size mine is meant to be though.

It was from this provider on Amazon if that helps:

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Ah. Interesting. I was buying the Bialetti branded ones. I’ll give them a go. Thanks!

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Never went away! :cold_face:

Got free coffees back at work (yay). I’ve worked out that my preferred coffee goes: espresso shot into a mug usually for flat whites then fill it with hot water then a splash of oat milk. Kinda like a cortado but not with steamed milk because I’m crap at steaming milk.

77p. Just bought one of each. If they don’t fit, the Moka pots are going in the recycler.

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Just buy a new Moka pot

I know its not quite the same thing, but when my moka wouldn’t seal properly, the internet told me to rub the threads and gasket with a dab of cooking oil, and it worked!

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So, I actually ended up buying a new pot after getting so annoyed with the gasket thing… and the new one wouldn’t seal properly and sputtered loads. But this worked! Cheers!

Has something changed? I have been using these pots for maybe 20 years and don’t recall having this issue before.

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Got some beans for my birthday but I’ve always just got them ground. Decided to try my pestle and mortar but my coffee just ended with with the faint tinge of cumin seeds.

I imagine all of the cheapo £15 manual burr grinders are a bit shite, has anyone got/used one? (aeropress with the occasional cafetiere if hosting :nail_care:) Maybe this is the time to become a bean grindy wanker and just spend a little bit of bunce eh.

If you dont want to become a grindy wanker most coffee shops are happy to grind other beans for you, i think, if you buy a coffee or whatever

Becoming a bean grindy wanker is great and you should do it. Cheap electric burr grinders aren’t bad at all, probs in the £50 range.

I’ve used a Hario hand grinder, about £30 and it was decent but sloooooow and hard work.

If you go through your beans fast, then getting the shop to grind them is fine, but fresh ground beans do make a big difference.

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how are yous straining your cold brew?

I have one of these


Been a bean grindy wanker for about 5 days now, bit the bullet. It is quite nice tbh


What grinder you get

Yer bog-standard Delonghi electric burr one. The grind is a little unpredictable (wouldn’t be good enough for espresso, not that I think it’s a fine enough grind anyway) but for aeropress / cafetiere it’s doing the job. Bit messy though!!

Try the water trick. Just get a teaspoon a little wet then stir the beans with it before you grind - takes away the vast majority of the chaff and static issues