Coffee wankers update

Oo nice one

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I have a £15 one and use areopress and it’s totally fine. Doubt I’d tell the difference if it was ground differently :woman_shrugging:

Wait that’s not manual it’s just a little electric Amazon one

Mine isn’t manual either, my puny arms wouldn’t cope!

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:exploding_head: :exploding_head:

You try it out? I tried to take pics today to show the difference but my no-water batch turned out much tidier than normal which sort of ruined the point :smiley:

Hello coffee wankers. Can anyone identify this espresso machine and grinder please? Thanks

Those lever machines are often La Pavoni.


nope - the beans i’m usng at the moment don’t leave any static or whatever, but i think it’s because it’s so bloody humid

only a grand


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Thank you! Blimey they’re expensive. Possibly the nicest espresso I’ve ever had though :grimacing:

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Yeah I love espresso from lever machines but having one for home would be a very expensive hobby I think.

see when you make cold brew, how do you stop yourself from drinking it all at once

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I don’t

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you don’t stop yourself or you don’t make it in the first place

I don’t stop myself.

I try using a small glass but then I just have three of them in a row


Just had a coffee tonic inspired by the 'gram. I wasn’t sure on the first sip but it was very refreshing, probably nicer if I had a way to make a proper espresso instead of just mixing the tonic water with coffee from my pot.


Since you’re mixing it with tonic and a slice of lime, the quality of the coffee element doesn’t matter so much to me, so sometimes I make up an espresso sized quantity of instant coffee (using a whole spoonful of instant)

I know this gets asked all the time but can anyone recommend a cheapest no fussy cleaning grinder? Don’t mind manual or electric

just mixed some cold brew with fizzy water - 10/10