Coffee wankers update

Got involved with some nice Chinese beans from Django off your recommendation. Well tasty and have now ordered some Kenyan stuff (luuurve Kenyan coffee) from Craft House - thanks for the recommends :blush:

I got some Honey Processed coffee from Red Roaster this week, after getting suckered in by one of their mail outs:

Honey processed coffee does not mean that the coffee has been covered in honey. Instead, when the coffee is processed rather then washing the fruit off the cherry a certain amount of the sticky (like honey) mucilage is left before the beans are dried. The coffee is mechanically de-pulped (using less water then with the washed process). These machines can usually be controlled to leave a specific percentage of fruit on the bean. The more of the fruit left on the bean, the darker the ‘honey’. So White and Yellow honeys have minimal fruit left on them while Red and Black will have more. The more mucilage you leave on the bean the more care you have to take when drying them. The Red honey is dried slowly with higher humidity, usually under some shade while the Black has to dry even slower and under even more shade. They need a lot of attention, they have to be turned around often to make sure the beans are dried evenly, to prevent insect damage, mould or over-fermentation.

I’ve not tried any yet - I might make a batch of cold brew up at the weekend with it to try and make the most of the flavours

Does anyone know of a nice coffee liqueur that I can get in the UK and isn’t Kahlua? Been eyeing up a bottle of Mr Blacks.

Thanks to @plasticniki I got the Hario Cold Brew jug and have given it its first outing. Decent!


That both sounds intriguing and enticing and deeply fussy and pernickety. Ah, the duality of being a coffee wanker eh?

Ran out of V60 coffee filters at work earlier in the week, remembered to make a trip to Sainsbury’s specifically to buy some. Forgot to bring them in with me this morning didn’t I? Great stuff.

You can buy proper Hario branded v60 filter papers from Sainsbury’s?

Oh, and if you like the BBC sound of that honey processed coffee, don’t do what I did and actually visit Red Roaster because they don’t have any in store

Ah no, not proper Hario ones, just the regular (Rombouts) ones that fit in my V60 (are these not wanker-grade?)

Discussed MB over in the cocktails thread, all the cocktail Youtubers I watch swear by it. I had a little taster bottle and it was very good so yeah - recommend it

Also if you buy the 50ml taster bottle I think code TRYMRBLACK should make the bottle itself free so you just pay £3 postage - good way to see if you like it without committing to a full bottle right away

Other options


From what I’ve read, you’ll most likely get less of the distinctive flavours of the beans with cold brew due to the fact that cold coffee has less aroma (any cold liquid really) and brewing with cold water exacerbates this. It’ll be lovely, but less distinctive with the beans.

I’d be thinking to get the most of the distinctive flavours, you’d be better doing some form of hot-brewing method.

This is just theoretical though!

I had completely the opposite understanding - that because it brews for hours not seconds you get much more flavour, rather than just the bitterness coming through.

(Cue a non coffee wanker stumbling into the thread to tell us that it all just tastes like coffee regardless)


I definitely thought the same as you before, but the things I read were basically saying that some of the oils/solubles that give the flavours don’t extract in the same way with cold water, so you’ll get a sweeter, less bitter result, but not necessarily all the full range of flavours in the beans.

TBH as long as it tastes good, who cares :smiley:

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Cheers :coffee:

:warning: cold brew week is upon us again, reminder to make yr brewz :warning:


Do you brew in the fridge or room temp? Seen lots of things recently saying to do cold brew at room temp (same method) then pop in the fridge after you’ve removed the coffee — haven’t tried yet!

I’ve been doing a hot V60 onto ice - 16g coffee, 150g water onto 100g ice, works very well!

Done already. Great minds and all that.

I’m using that Honey Processed coffee I got from Red Roaster last week

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Work has bought me a nespresso machine, which is….fine

I don’t really get it though- does it just make me espressos? I don’t want to drink shots of espresso all day at work, surely their target audience doesn’t either?

How can I get a decent cup sized cup of coffee out if it?

Stop trying to take the cold out of cold brew!


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I’m sure my sisters one does cappuccino and latte, but it might just be that they have an extra milk section

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All I was doing today was pulling shots and adding boiling water to make americanos.

Seems fine but I like white coffee sometimes