Coffee wankers update

So, while I was in Pelicano yesterday I ended up chatting to the guy who runs it about cold coffees (which started with me saying that when it starts to get warm I like a different set of beans to make cold brew with compared to what I like for V60). Anyway, his theory about why an espresso and tonic works is that there’s a small amount of sodium in tonic, and much like adding salt to food, it reduces the bitterness of the coffee and changes the flavour profiles. So there you go - it is weird, but there is science behind why it works.


It really does. I think it usually tastes chocolatey

Was served tonight’s espresso … in a little disposable plastic cup :grimacing:

This week I’ve decided that it’s about time I learned how to make a decent coffee in my moka pot. One of the first things I learned was that a 50ml / “one cup” isn’t nearly enough coffee for me (so I’ll put a bigger one on my birthday list). Then I learned that a Moka coffee won’t have a crema. But this afternoon’s experiments have led to a very 90s looking latte.

I reckon what I’m doing will be sufficient for making iced coffees and “espresso” and tonic, despite it not actually being proper espresso

There’s more sodium in hard tap water than in tonic water, so yer man’s at it

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started this, very good so far. Seems like “proper” history, but very engaging and with a good through-line story to make it easy to follow. Would recommend to anyone on here vaguely into history

Any recommendation for places that do ~125g bags?

I’ve just had a quick google and 125g seems to be for niche coffees - do you want a smaller bag because you won’t get through enough? Could you freeze half a 250g bag instead?

Yeah all the places I know that do 125g are because they’re very rare or pricey coffees - so a bag that size may be £15

Yeah, got a moka pot recently so I thought I could have a small bag of darker roast to use that occasionally whilst having a big bag of lighter stuff for filter or aeropress.

Ok :joy: I’ll just stick to regular sized bags.

I’ve just started using my moka pot too, and it’s more than fine just using normal beans

where’s everyone subscribing to for their beans these days? if you’ve got a referral code or whatever feel free to abuse me

I was using Wogans in Bristol for a while - £12 for two 250g bags with free delivery a month. I thought they were pretty good!

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That is good. I’m with Pelicano where I’m paying £18 for two 300g single origin bags a month

(which is actually not bad given if you were to buy one of their bags you’d pay £10-14 currently)