Coiffed anything lately?


Coiffed any champagne or nibbles or owt lately?


Do you mean quaff?


Coiffed - hair
Quaffed - drink


I think I know what I meant mate.


Coiff off then


just coiffed a kit cat ruby, see the evening thread for details


This thread could be a bloodbath


You did a hairstyle on a Kit Kat!? Bit weird mate…


piss off ant


A pizza.


“piss ant” is a funny thing that people say sometimes, is it?


Actually, it’s horrible really isn’t it.

Oh well, this thread has been a disaster. I hope you all have lovely evenings, much love to each and every one of you x


Hello Ant,

I quaffed some delicious Moscato on Sunday. It’s like prosecco but less strong and much less like fizzy earwax.

Don’t let the haters bring you down, it’s a difficult word to spell.


Your pal Steved


Thank you for your kind words. I’ll be honest, I’m less interested in it as a word now that I know it’s spelling.


i scoiffed at this thread ha!


This is a clever post.


I kwoffed some champers on Saturday night with my sister as she’s going through a hard time.


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