Coke Zero New Taste

Found Trump’s alt account.


When he’s right, he’s right!

Just bought five bottles of the old flavour from the off licence. Will have to ration them.

I’d keep an eye on your windows and doors if I were you = people will be trying for those

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Pepsi max is an ok alternative in a pinch (cherry one is quite nice) but not coke zero!! I remember the launch so well, it was a great alternative to diet coke which seemed to a teenage me to be the drink of an adult woman watching her weight, which is absolutely fine but some teenagers are idiots and I was one of them. Coke zero is the only cola I truly enjoy, Pepsi is ok and other cola brands are disgusting from my experience. Bought some healthy cola from whole foods once and it tastes as I imagine warm stale piss would :nauseated_face:

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Might scalp them on ebay in a months time

^lives inside a hexagon



Don’t forget that with Pepsi Max you get 600ml for the price of 500ml (in co-op at least)


Is it the lakeland one by Deansgate Station? Bloody love that shop, I can get a drink, a fresh sandwich, some crisps for like £2.50 and they have an excellent selection of ritters, and almost always have rib n saucy Nik Naks

Not that one, its right in Picadilly Gardens next to the bus stops. Not sure of the name but its next to a Greggs - it has loads of Cheetos and American crisps too, always duck my head in before i get the bus back

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Still baffling how a small convenience store can be such a place of wonder and have everything you ever want but a supermarket is/does not.

Crisp hot tip, there’s a shop sort of tucked away in some flats near that former church-going up Chester Road and they do all sorts of delights including being my Tangy Toms supplier.

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Every time I go in there’s new stuff as well, last time I got a Pineapple Pepsi and a Mango one. Got american chocolate too I think.

I’m not really ever near Trafford but if I do find myself there I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

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Ever mixed all the syrup flavours at a coke drinks fountain?

  • I have done this
  • I havent done this

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cannot not do this, rarely tastes better than just coke, but have to use the freedom when given it

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The Diet Coke branding is so ugly in this day and age

The grey looks absolutely shit. Change it.


There are loads of people listing empty, sealed Coke cans on Ebay for thousands of pounds. No idea if they sell.

Just had some. It’s fine.


The advertising for this is pushing the idea that some people won’t like it so definitely think this is a New Coke thing