Coke Zero New Taste

Actually feel really sad about this.

Only have a few cans of black coke zero left.

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This is actually worse than the previous taste

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Yeah this is not good - smacks you up front with a very sweet taste then it vanishes immediately. Basically the worst aspects of Pepsi Max turned up to 11

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They must know this tastes worse? Reckon it’s an ingredients supply issue

Like I’m someone thats super dubious of people that tell me that Cadbury tastes worse than it used but this is night and day - its like a completely different drink.

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It feels really thin after first taste

It tastes like they dumped a bucket of sweetner into carbonated water and called it a day

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Well great… now i hate all the diet colas


Good think Irn Bru sorted out their diet soda game with Irn Bru Xtra otherwise I’d be writing to my MP

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Finnished it now my tounge tastes of artificial sweetner with a very artifical light burn- well this is just GREAT

Worst drink - legit angry about this :smiley:

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It reminds me of when I used to drink too much coke as a teenager. When I’d already had too much coke/caffeine but then cracked open another and it tasted like shit, like my body was trying to reject it, and it was difficult to drink. This tastes like that.

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Is it worse than Diet Coke Exotic Mango flavour which somehow tastes exactly how I imagine fizzy bin juice does?

Its the worst diet soda I’ve had in about 10 years

Some causes you just have to stand up and be heard

I’m impressed. Diet Coke Exotic Mango set the lowest bar for me when it came out, always fascinated to find out things can get worse! Will have to try.

Weird watery aftertaste


Tastes the same imo