I like Coca Cola


Oops, I should’ve gone to Specsavers!

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(I did a few months ago and my prescription has actually got slightly better)

I have!

I only really drink Diet Coke or Pepsi max because of the sugar, but when I do have a normal coke it’s always exquisite.

would absolutely love to try that og recipe tbf

Best coke varities which no longer exist

Lemon Coke > Raspberry Coke > that spicy cherry coke weird one > Peach Coke > Mango Coke > Orange Coke > Cinnamon Coke > that weird green one

Full fat coke > pepsi max > pepsi > coke zero >>>>>>>>>> diet coke/diet pepsi

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Ohh apparently Tesco have started doing them now (if you can’t find any I’m happy to send you a can or two)

Fuck me that was a fine soft drink.

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Coke is your best everyday, regular pop. Rio is the best for a treat.

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Wish they’d bring back this harlequin design.

And, you know, be a less evil company.

One of the best things of going to Europe is getting a nice old Pepsi Twist

Diet Coke is the king, the queen, the sun and moon and stars, the alpha, the omega


Cherry Coke is the king of kings. Nothing comes close.

Diet Coke is toilet water.


Partial to a Vanilla Coke Zero on occasion though

Think I have a genuine addiction

Not wanting to out myself as a massive twat (too late lol) but it’s either Bundaberg or Blood Orange San Pell, currently.


Did anyone try Orange Coke? That was weird but alright.