Cold audit

  • No colds in winter 1, 2018
  • One on the way, bit sniffly but nothing bad yet
  • In the middle of a cold, still going into an office full of people and taking public transport
  • In the middle of a cold, off work/wfh
  • In the clearing stage of a cold, feel OK but leaking from my nose
  • Cold free atm, but I’ve had one this cold season

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Other polls can include treatments and what you like to eat/drink when you have a cold

My colds tend to max out at “the sniffles” level, as such I am currently suffering the sniffles.

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I’m also sniffly but I think it’s going to turn into full blown cold over the weekend and I won’t even get a day off for it

nothing yet but can feel something coming in the back of my throat (steady)

might hammer the vitamin c, see if i can hold it off

I was due to meet my friend’s new baby earlier in the week but postponed due to the sniffles. That is the thing I am most irked about from it thus far.

Baby like child or like an affectionate pet name for their partner?

genuinely can’t remember the last time I had a cold


No, an actual baby as in “a brand new person”. I already have met his partner many, many times.

Had an awful cold that my new boss arrived with. Head cold cleared in about a week, but it sat on my chest for another fortnight or so. Rubbish.

This is the first time I have felt unwell other than from excessive alcohol consumption since July 2017 (I am blaming my illness in majorca on the booze)

agua de valencia?

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Had one extended bout of not quite flu but worse than a cold last month and currently have a sore throat and sniffles so preparing for round 2.

I had swine flu about 10 years ago and since then I get quite severe flu a few times a year.

I went a fortnight without cycling or running home from work and came down with a cold at the end of it.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Had a couple of instances of feeling like one was on its way this month and last month but it hasn’t amounted to anything. One’s currently slaying through my office though so if I get that one I’ll be fucked off.

Had the worst cold I think I’ve ever had back in February. It was something else.

Yeah the worst cold I ever had was something else. It was norovirus

Symptoms: Huge banter.

No, mainly shitting and vomiting

If I have a cold I

  • Take a day off work sick
  • Continue to go to work

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No judgement here, other than my own silent judgement

Wfh unless it’s an absolute stinker, in which case I’ll take it off

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if it’s fully-blown eyes streaming, sneezing, feeling shit, then yes

but that never ever happens. normally just sniff some sudafed spray which i often become addicted to, take some paracetamol if it’s bad and then carry on as normal