Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



I really enjoyed it! The tension it built up, particularly towards the end in the search party bit, was unreal.

Looked incredible on the big screen, as you can probably imagine. Glad I got to see it, the director did a q&a after and said that the Netflix deal prevents any more screenings for ten years (!).


i like that ending too.


My fav thing about Cabin in the Woods is probably the ending. The whole film is so tailor made to be a franchise - send in a different group of kids every Halloween, to be slaughtered by a new and even more horrible monster - but instead they literally destroy the world so that can never happen. Wonderful.


ha I’d never considered that franchise point, good take.

also the mundane work conversation between the two blokes at the start that’s interrupted by a scream and CABIN IN THE WOODS never fails to make me laugh.


mebtioned briefly in film thread but The Endless is dead good.

dont click the spoiler if you dont wanna read anything but the tying in of the guys from Resolution was really well done


Watched Annihilation. Enjoyed. Thought Natalie Portman held it together, and her combined with some amazing visuals, soundtrack and great ideas helped overcome an occasionally creaky script. Weird smorgasbord of a film, some horror, some grief, some sci-fi, some loneliness, all bound up together. I think ill watch this again at some point because i really liked it but the last 20 mins or so were a bit of a “wtf”.


Watched this week: It Comes at Night and Sleepaway Camp. Not sure you could get 2 more different horror films, really. The first is excellent and well worth seeking out. I remember this getting a lot of buzz last year but it seemed to quickly get overshadowed by It and Get Out. Also, a quick look at the amount of user reviews on IMDb titled ‘Nothing comes at night’ give an indication that audiences didn’t respond to this as strongly as critics. Well, audiences be damned, because it deserves all the acclaim it got. It’s incredibly tense and heaving with that sense of dread that so many of the best modern horror films contain. Here’s a quote from a NY Times review that captures how I felt about it: ‘What happens is both shocking and, in retrospect, brutally inevitable. “It Comes at Night” is pretty terrifying to sit through, but it may be even scarier after it’s over, when you sift through what you’ve seen and try to piece together what it may have meant.’ Couldn’t agree more. See it.

As for Sleepaway Camp… Had never seen this before and think that I now have a new favourite so-bad-it’s-amazing movie. Watched this with an extremely appreciative audience and it made for some of the most insanely enjoyable time I’ve spent at the cinema in ages. So many of these types of film don’t live up to the hype but this one delivers in a big way. And the final scene is one for the ages. If you’ve never had the pleasure, watch this ASAP with like-minded friends and your intoxicant of choice.

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For the FAO of Hereditary fans (or indeed, non-fans): The Next Picture Show podcast are combining it with Don’t Look Now (so I might watch the latter one of the nights next weeeek)


it Comes At Night was so shit


that bit of extra time eh lads


Agree about It Comes At Night - the initial trailer generated some buzz but then it seemed to fly under the wire on release. I thought it was great :+1:

^not this…


I saw a poster for this at Cineworld yesterday fyi! Only said “coming soon” tho. I knew it looked familiar…


The remake of Cabin Fever (which uses the original’s script, albeit trimmed down a bit) is on Netflix. I’m almost tempted to see how pointless it really is…


i looked at that, apparently it uses the same script ?