Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



I really enjoyed it! The tension it built up, particularly towards the end in the search party bit, was unreal.

Looked incredible on the big screen, as you can probably imagine. Glad I got to see it, the director did a q&a after and said that the Netflix deal prevents any more screenings for ten years (!).


i like that ending too.


My fav thing about Cabin in the Woods is probably the ending. The whole film is so tailor made to be a franchise - send in a different group of kids every Halloween, to be slaughtered by a new and even more horrible monster - but instead they literally destroy the world so that can never happen. Wonderful.


ha I’d never considered that franchise point, good take.

also the mundane work conversation between the two blokes at the start that’s interrupted by a scream and CABIN IN THE WOODS never fails to make me laugh.


mebtioned briefly in film thread but The Endless is dead good.

dont click the spoiler if you dont wanna read anything but the tying in of the guys from Resolution was really well done


Watched Annihilation. Enjoyed. Thought Natalie Portman held it together, and her combined with some amazing visuals, soundtrack and great ideas helped overcome an occasionally creaky script. Weird smorgasbord of a film, some horror, some grief, some sci-fi, some loneliness, all bound up together. I think ill watch this again at some point because i really liked it but the last 20 mins or so were a bit of a “wtf”.


Watched this week: It Comes at Night and Sleepaway Camp. Not sure you could get 2 more different horror films, really. The first is excellent and well worth seeking out. I remember this getting a lot of buzz last year but it seemed to quickly get overshadowed by It and Get Out. Also, a quick look at the amount of user reviews on IMDb titled ‘Nothing comes at night’ give an indication that audiences didn’t respond to this as strongly as critics. Well, audiences be damned, because it deserves all the acclaim it got. It’s incredibly tense and heaving with that sense of dread that so many of the best modern horror films contain. Here’s a quote from a NY Times review that captures how I felt about it: ‘What happens is both shocking and, in retrospect, brutally inevitable. “It Comes at Night” is pretty terrifying to sit through, but it may be even scarier after it’s over, when you sift through what you’ve seen and try to piece together what it may have meant.’ Couldn’t agree more. See it.

As for Sleepaway Camp… Had never seen this before and think that I now have a new favourite so-bad-it’s-amazing movie. Watched this with an extremely appreciative audience and it made for some of the most insanely enjoyable time I’ve spent at the cinema in ages. So many of these types of film don’t live up to the hype but this one delivers in a big way. And the final scene is one for the ages. If you’ve never had the pleasure, watch this ASAP with like-minded friends and your intoxicant of choice.

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For the FAO of Hereditary fans (or indeed, non-fans): The Next Picture Show podcast are combining it with Don’t Look Now (so I might watch the latter one of the nights next weeeek)


it Comes At Night was so shit


that bit of extra time eh lads


Agree about It Comes At Night - the initial trailer generated some buzz but then it seemed to fly under the wire on release. I thought it was great :+1:

^not this…


I saw a poster for this at Cineworld yesterday fyi! Only said “coming soon” tho. I knew it looked familiar…


The remake of Cabin Fever (which uses the original’s script, albeit trimmed down a bit) is on Netflix. I’m almost tempted to see how pointless it really is…


i looked at that, apparently it uses the same script ?


Watched this last night – had really been looking forward to it as I enjoyed Troll Hunter and the little that I knew about this suggested I’d enjoy it. As it turned out, it struck me as a fun enough roller-coaster horror film with lots of well-timed jump scares but I’m not sure it will stay with me for too long. I think a big part of the problem was that I knew going in that it was a movie about a witch, which is a huge spoiler. Admittedly, it’s not the only thing the ending throws at you, but it’s a major part of it. As for the ending itself, it didn’t really work for me: sometimes ambiguity really works well in this type of film, but I felt that too many plot points were left unresolved. So, like I say, a fun watch, but definitely not up there with the best horror of the last few years. Hoping this might provide some worthwhile insight on it:


Watched a bunch of stuff over the past couple of weeks…

The Shape Of Water
I know that a lot of people didn’t really go for this but I thought it was great. Manages to combine its Amelie type whimsy with a great B move/cold war setting to make something quite lovely. Michael Shannon is reliably entertaining in this, though he might want to be careful that his edgy schtick doesn’t get him type cast. Sally Hawkins is pretty great in this - although as a repeat Paddington viewer, blimey Mrs Brown, get some clothes on :open_mouth: The visual aesthetic and creature design is classic del Toro – for me, this is easily his best film since Pan’s Labyrinth. 9/10


Brawl In Cell Block 99
Vince Vaughn in watchable performance shocker. He plays a convincingly nails hard drug dealer in this – he’s always been a tall guy but he has really filled out for this (plus shaved his head). The prison based violence is unflinching throughout (anyone remember his embarrassing Queensbury Rules style fight from True Detective 2 – this is not that) with some genuinely wince inducing moments. That said there are moments of black comedy throughout. Good support from Jennifer Carpenter and a nicely sleazy Don Johnson. Pleasing pay off too. This is a classic exploitation flick, and it ticks almost all the right boxes bar one major failing – it is just too damn long. No one wants to watch just shy of two and a quarter hours or prison violence really. Shame, as with 45 minutes chopped off this could have been a lo-fi classic. 6/10


10 Cloverfield Lane
Watched this when it came out without knowing anything about it and was both surprised and pleased that it wasn’t another creature feature like the first one. Think I enjoyed it more second time around purely on its own merits. The largely single scene setting with minimal cast works brilliantly for tension. All three leads are excellent which helps, although John Goodman largely steals the show unsurprisingly. I feel that the weakest part of the film is actually the creature section, where it gets a bit Scooby Doo, but nonetheless this remains about 100 times better than The Cloverfield Paradox. 8/10


Was excited about and had deliberately tried to avoid reading too much about it. Need not have worried, it’s fairly hard to describe/characterise anyway. It looks AMAZING – really visually original. The story, such as it is, is almost incidental to the general vibe of the film (the score is also great). Nathalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Oscar Isaac are all really good in this. I think I know what the ending is about, but then again, who knows. Has anyone read the books? Intrigued by the idea of the continuing story. 8/10


Get Out
Was slightly underwhelmed by this the first time I saw it, but the TV was keen to see it so was happy enough for a re-watch. Think that without the hype, it’s actually a really good film. The social commentary has obviously been discussed extensively, but as a horror film this has some genuinely unsettling moments. That said, it also has some nice moments of comic relief. Exciting to see what both Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya do next. 8/10


A Quiet Place
This has obviously ridden to huge commercial success on a wave of hype, and if that means more horror films get made then so much the better. Overall though, was a bit disappointing for me. The set up and idea is fine and original, but the execution feels as though it’s been done before. Most of the scenes of peril, aside from an excellent early shocking character death, play out fairly predictably. Emily Blunt is always great in stuff, and the sign language element is very refreshing, but then the ending feels as though it just peters out (or is gunning for a sequel - that said, this feel as though it already exists in the Cloverfield universe). 6/10


From Dusk ‘Til Dawn
Been a long time since I watched this. So long in fact that George Clooney has gone from up and coming to the biggest film star in the world. He definitely doesn’t make films like this anymore, which is a shame as he is great as the threatening low life kidnapper in this. Even Quentin Tarantino puts in a decent acting performance for once as his brother. Total two parter this, with the first half being a genuinely tense kidnap thriller and the second being just bat shit mental vampires. The dialogue is tight throughout, and the creature design and kills are entertaining. Don’t think I’ll bother with the two sequels or TV series mind. 7/10


Sleepaway Camp
Watched on Sloame‘s recommendation. This is 80s as fuck and pleasingly hokey as a result. Lacking any real menace, or indeed any characters you really care about getting rubbed out, this is a campy cult classic throughout. The deaths are by and large laugh out loud funny (intentional or not) and every stereotype of teen summer camp films is out in force. Has a neat twist ending where the killer is exactly who you thought it was all the way through. Interesting to note that after making her screen debut in this, Felissa Rose has gone on to be a career scream queen. 7/10



yeah i saw this last night, hesitated to post in here as it’s more tense thriller than horror. really enjoyed it though.

I kind of thought it might go in a Wicker man direction at times and at one point it looked like it might go fully bonkers but it pulled back and stayed gritty and realistic. a few things seemed to be setting up only to be left dangling (like the Corrie actress, who kind of drifts out of the film after the bodies are found. i sound like i’m complaining here but i really liked it, really tense stuff, good acting, the tension reminded me of Green Room at times. everything was very believable too, the way things spiralled.


feel like that very last shot was a nod to Cheap Thrills.


I watched this at the weekend. In advance my brother had spoken enthusiastically about the ‘twist’ at the end. As the tension built I was definitely expecting something Wicker Man-esque, which made the grittiness of what actually transpired all the better (also, not a twist).

Very good.


Damn, you’ve been busy! For once, I’ve actually seen most of these. Love The Shape of Water - didn’t really know to what to expect going in, but it all really worked for me. Go Paddington’s mum! Think I’m pretty much in agreement with you on all of these here: 10 Cloverfield Lane was great, as were Annihilation and Get Out. Definitely agree about A Quiet Place - seemed like everyone loved this, so my expectations were way too high and I left the cinema feeling a bit meh about it. Glad you checked out Sleepaway Camp - every time I think about that film, it puts a smile on my face. I posted about Autopsy of Jane Doe yesterday - was a bit underwhelmed - have you seen it?

Family are leaving town next week, so plan to spend most of my time in front of a screen. Hoping to get to Baskin, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and My Mom’s a Werewolf!!! The last one there came on one of those cheapo compilation DVDs that my son found in a box by the side of the road. Nice that he thought of me…