Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



I watched Selfie from Hell the other day. Here is my review:

Do not watch Selfie from Hell.


Wednesday Evening Thread

And the title promised so much :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks for the recommendations, will definitely check a few of those out!

Edit: that Aterrados front cover is haunting!


great work m8


Watched on Sunday night: Colossal! As with several really good films from the last few years, I first saw this on a tiny screen on the back of a chair about 35,000 feet above the Atlantic. Not the best movie-watching conditions, but even with the small picture and crappy sound, it was obvious that a good film was lurking underneath. So it was nice to reconnect with this, as it really deserves to be seen and admired for the indie drama/kaiju tribute that it is. From what I gather, people seem to have a real problem with Anne Hathaway… TBF, I’m not sure that I’ve seen her in enough to feel that strongly about her one way or the other, but’s she’s pretty spot-on in this. Here’s she’s playing one of those types that should probably have cut down on the booze years ago as it’s really beginning to impact her life. When her boyfriend dumps her, she moves back home and runs into an old school friend, played by Jason Sudeikis. It’s not long before they’re hanging out at his bar together and it seems like there might be a spark of love in the air. Meanwhile, in Seoul, a giant monster appears that apparently has a strange connection to Hathaway. To give away any more plot details would be to take away much of the fun of discovering exactly where this film is going. Let’s just say that it very quickly moves away from the quirky rom-com it starts as and becomes something quite a lot darker. There’s a really good review of this film here, but only check it out after watching: And yes, I know this is clearly not a traditional horror film, but I figure I’m OK posting about it here because it’s one of those recent films that flirts with the genre (A Ghost Story, Personal Shopper etc), without ever diving headlong into it. Definitely the best film ever to star Anne Hathaway and a giant monster…



I enjoyed Colossal a lot, and I would highly recommend you watch the director’s earlier film Timecrimes, which is all kinds of brilliant.


Might watch Onibaba tonight, while I still have access to uni’s DVD library


Cool. While I was reading about Colossal, I saw that folk seem to rate his other stuff, none of which I’ve seen. Thanks for the tip!


I enjoyed Extraterrestrial quite a bit as well - a sorta facial comedy set during an alien invasion.


I also watched this the other week but haven’t had a chance to write it up in this thread :smiley:

Am a big fan of Nacho Vigalondo but somehow it had passed me by that he wrote and directed this. As @maggieloveshopey says, Time Crimes is absolutely brilliant. A must see. And @guntrip is also right that Extraterrestrial is very entertaining - just don’t watch the 2014 US film of the same name like my sister did when I recommended this to her. Apparently that is a pile of crap. His English language debut feature Open Windows is…a mixed bag. Still, it does feature the delights of Sasha Grey :+1:


do it


am doing


Lots of goodies on at the Prince Charles this October


Damn, that’s a fucking insane line-up…


No mention of Suspiria yet? New trailer looks and sounds amazing


Gonna try and catch The Exorcist and Suspiria, as I’ve somehow never seen either. Probably catch a load of the others as well - recommendations from others more than welcome.

I’m tempted by the classic movies allnighter (as I’m going to miss the next one in Edinburgh) but both dates are in the downstairs screen, and I don’t think I could hack sitting in those seats all night…


Few pics from this year’s FrightFest - many of them the view from seat F27 :+1:

These guys are there every year, bless them. I genuinely think of them as part of the event these days…

Cineworld, nee Empire, Leicester Square has had a serious remodel in the past year including a new 4D screen (presumably the 4th dimension is price). My favourite part is the visual stairs - FrightFest intro:

And stairs of blood:

Q&A sessions:

Stash of free DVDs I harvested:

I have low expectations for most of them. Have seen The Void natch and that is pretty good. Watched Dead Shadows last night and it was…poor? French alien invasion apocalypse caper, dubbed into English (which was annoying enough in itself). The dialogue is WOEFUL. It does have a little style and a couple of decent creature effects but otherwise this is pretty half baked. Also, if you take off the opening/closing credits the actual film runtime is 65 minutes, so there’s not much you can achieve in that time tbh tbf. 3/10

What’s this guy’s problem?


bi-annual repost of this podcast:

check it out it’s great :ok_hand:


It is great - I’ve been listening to the one they did on The Witch and The Autopsy of Jane Doe. I was hoping their insight on the latter might make me appreciate it more. So far it hasn’t, but it’s still an awesome listen…


Let us know what you think of K-Shop; I read a review of this in Rue Morgue that had me all kinds of intrigued…