Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



Have you seen The Omen? If not, that’s well worth checking out. I love religious horror and this is one of the best… The Modern Horror All-Nighter looks amazing too (except for the seriously overrated (IMO) A Quiet Place…) In fact, pretty much everything here looks awesome - I would definitely check out the Demons double-bill…


My icheckmovies account tells me I have not see The Omen (I thought I had) so I will try and see that as well!


Hey, can someone recommend me a horror film to watch? I’ve been trying to pick one for the last hour that’s available on amazon or netflix :confused: (I’ve watched most of the decent ones on Netflix, as far as I’m aware)

I was hoping for something fun, not grim! :smiley:


I hear the Wailing is good. Haven’t seen it myself (keep meaning to, but I need a night where I feel I can dedicate 2 and a half hours to it)


Oh wow, this looks amazing! I will definitely check this out, not sure I fancy it tonight though. Anything else?


Is calibre grim?


Not really apart from all the Scots.


I thought it was really good. I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly grim.


Oh! I watched this recently, it’s on Now TV.

Bit disappointed, to be honest. I really liked the first half but I felt it didn’t really know what to do with itself after that.


The Wailing is AMAZING :+1:


Just listened to the Young Frankenstein/What We Do In The Shadows episode of this - lovely stuff :+1: The two hosts have a very affable style…


big fan of the candyman ep, quite an early one. also andrea liked my theory that toy story was the perfect trilogy, so now i’m an even bigger FOH booster haha.


Bummer… Seems like a missed opportunity…


you guys watch the horror shorts on youtube? there are some pretty good ones


I do :smiley: There’s loads of great stuff out there and it’s a good opportunity for budding film makers to display their wares - Lights Out started out as a short film and that ended up making about a gazillion dollars (despite being better as a short than a feature tbh tbf).

A personal fave…


^link preview disabled as it gives away the ending :neutral_face:


ahhhh bedfellows!

i like this:


I would like to watch more of these - anyone fancy making a playlist?


This is a pretty good list…




Watched last week: The Transfiguration. Yikes, this is pretty depressing stuff. Almost everything you’ll read about this film (including this review too, apparently) describes this as Martin meets Let the Right One In. That might seem like lazy shorthand but it’s a comparison that the film openly invites; Milo, the film’s main pro/antagonist is a major vampire buff, and both films get mentioned during this film’s running time. Milo then, is a young black teenager living in the projects of NYC. In the film’s opening scenes, we encounter Milo draining the blood from a victim’s neck in a scuzzy bathroom so we’re left in no doubt that Milo considers himself to be a vampire. What’s less certain is whether he actually is or not; sure he’s draining and drinking blood, but that’s pretty much where his vampire credentials end. Milo is particularly adamant that vampire movies be realistic and one can only assume that his ideas of what constitutes a realistic vampire come from his own experiences. Some of the cutest scenes in the movie involve Milo explaining away the more fantastical elements of vampire mythology presumably because they haven’t happened to him. This pretty much takes care of the Martin side of the plot; the Let the Right One In piece comes from Milo’s burgeoning relationship with a girl that moves into his building, Sophie. Both characters are damaged goods: Milo’s vampirism results from his mother’s suicide and a system that doesn’t give a fuck about young black lives; Sophie lives with an abusive grandfather and cuts herself to feel something. Like I said, depressing. Everyone’s hurting someone in this film and some of the violence here is the most gut-wrenching I’ve seen in a while precisely because the film’s setting strives for such realism. However, none of this is to say that this isn’t an excellent film, because it is. Its slow pace won’t suit all tastes and if you’re looking for a fist-pumping fuck you of an ending a la Get Out, this isn’t that type of film. But if you’re looking for a modern, urban vampire movie with lots to say about the harm that society inflicts upon its most vulnerable members, seek this out.