Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



sounds pretty heavy tbh…tho i am intrigued…


It’s really well made. I love films with lots of external photography that really give you a sense for where the film was shot and this has tons of that… But definitely wait until you’re in a good mood, because if you’re already feeling down, this won’t help…


Caught this at the cinema. Really interesting film. Loved the tone and style of it. Reminded me a lot of Moonlight, in the way you’ve summed it up actually.

The bit with Sophie under the boardwalk though, jeez.

It’s on Now TV / Sky for anyone who wants to catch it.


Cool. I read another review of it that compared it to Moonlight - that didn’t jump out at me at first, probably because I’m so horror-blinkered I forget that I’ve seen other films… :grinning:

I really struggled with the scene in the basement where the guy gets shot; literally left me feeling nauseous…


Great write up :+1:

And yes…that bit in the basement is very upsetting.


any horror podcasts where they read or act out a story that are good? love to listen to spookiness as the nights draw in




found this, havent listened yet but it looks neat


I’m interested in this though my only experience with it is Dan Harmon’s impression of it on Harmontown


Thinly veiled has been away so I’ve watched another bunch of stuff recently…

28 Weeks Later - not seen this since it came out but it has held up really well. Not as groundbreaking as 28 Days Later, but also not hampered by having a duff third act. This is a super streamlined story arc throughout. Plus the opening scene remains genuinely edge of the seat stuff. Interesting that it has couple of billboard names (Idris Elba and Jeremy Renner) just before they went A-list. Robert Carlyle is pretty great in this as both a morally ambiguous dad and as a zombie. 9/10


District 9 - less of a horror, more of a creature feature, this is another one I’d not seen since it came out. Damn good fun and genuinely visually inventive. The story is fairly slight, but the social satire and setting absolutely nails it. plus Sharlto Copley is hilarious as Wikus. 9/10


Double Date - had low hopes for this assuming it was probably another landfill low budget UK horror. Mainly watched it because Goat provided the soundtrack and appear as themselves. Happily, it is actually hilarious. The four leads are all great, particularly Danny Morgan who also wrote it. The violence is pleasingly slapstick throughout, and Dexter Fletcher also adds good comic relief. 8/10


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) - watched the Swedish trilogy back in the day and loved it. Was therefore interested to see to what extent the US remake sanitised it - the answer is not much. Only while looking this up did I discover that the original title of the novel is ‘Men Who Hate Women’ which is fairly uncompromising but also fairly accurate of the events contained. It’s a David Fincher film so it looks great, plus Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross provide a suitably doomy soundtrack. Good cast throughout, with Daniel Craig (remember when he did good stuff before Bond?) and Rooney Mara totally anchoring it. Not sure who I prefer out of Rooney Mara or Noomi Rapace, but they are both great. Has a slightly weaker ending than the Swedish version, which in fairness is apparently closer to the book. 8/10


Judas Ghost - this is pretty much the landfill British horror that I feared Double Date might be. Apparently this is based on a series of best selling ghost hunter books by Simon R Green that I’ve never heard of. In fairness, it makes good use of its single location and there are a couple of creepy moments, but there is nothing new here. 4/10


Colossal - went into this assuming from the trailer/poster/everything that it was going to be a comedy creature feature. While that is initially the case, the film takes a sharp right angle turn after about half an hour to become a fairly serious look at relationships and addiction albeit with the most bizarre framing device ever. Despite the switcheroo, this is still pretty good stuff although it definitely feels as though it goes on a solid 20 minutes too long. I’ve never really rated Anne Hathaway in anything before but she is really good in this - both believably tragic but also genuinely funny. 7/10


K-Shop - interesting Brit horror/social commentary. Good set up around a second generation immigrant managing a late night kebab shop in a seaside town. Apparently much of the footage of the late night street behaviour was actually candidly filmed on location. While this is set up to take a look at modern British society, it loses its way somewhat in the second half with a ridiculous bad guy plot and leaves several earlier storylines unresolved. Nonetheless, the good bits are just about enough to make it a watchable. 5/10


The Strangers: Prey At Night - the first one of these seemed to be something of a Marmite film, and this one appears to be going the same way. Personally, I liked both of them. This is super streamlined, clocking in at around 80 minutes. The protagonists are introduced and set up in double quick time before the titular antagonists arrive - fortunately, as per the first film, they require no back story so the peril can start pretty much straightaway. This has a purposefully 80s sheen to the filming, location and soundtrack, which obviously is currently in vogue - it really works here and is couple with loads of nods to classic horror flicks of that era. There’s virtually no story, just loads of well choreographed hack and slash. Surprising to see Christina Hendricks in this as she is obviously a massive star, but then again Liv Tyler was fairly mainstream for the first one so maybe it’s just part of the formula. 8/10


Also watched a couple of episodes of the Hammer House Of Horror TV series. These could not look more 70s if they tried - they were actually made in 1980, but that’s decade bleed for you. They look like they’re set in family photos of my early childhood :smiley: They’re appear to be in the public so links included below…

The Two Faces Of Evil - this has everything; spooky sanitarium setting, masked antagonist, unreliable narrator, small village conspiracy. It’s great - probably best not knowing too much about it beforehand so I won’t give any more details. 8/10

The House That Bled To Death - another classic set up, with a young family moving to a haunted house in a new town. Good open ending on this one. 8/10


28WL massively overlooked imo. it amps up the tension expertly, and that ending is horrifying and darkly hilarious at the same time.


Agree. Where the hell is 28 Months Later???


I’ve seen it. Good film.


There was a quote from Alex Garland saying it there were rights issues. It’s a shame, I loved 28WL as well.

Double Date is top! It played at the Edinburgh film fest last summer, really enjoyed it.


I’ve got Bad Match and Happy Death Day on DVD (from Cinema Paradisio) to watch.

No spoilers please. Anyone seen either?


Looks like I gave Happy Death Day 8/10 up ^there. It had been spoilered to death by the time I saw it, but enjoyed it nonetheless :+1:


Happy Death Day is a lot of fun.


happy death day is the groundhog day-type situation isn’t it. it was…alright. can’t remember all that much about it tbh. it was fun but it didn’t stay with me.


Cheers. Tomorrow is a night in with the TV and booze. Look forward to watching those two whilst getting wasted.


Just realised I’ve seen Bad Match as well. I quite liked that. It keeps you guessing and the short run time leaves it well-paced.

If you’re having a boozy night definitely do that first, HDD is the more fun of the two.