Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



Did anyone watch Ghost Stories?

I watched it the other day - thought it was really good.


is this a tv show? could do with a good horror show. i dabbled in channel zero, that seemed okay.


It was a film that came out a few months back:


It’s more of a play really…


ooo i will have a look at this


It’s great. Leaves you thinking for some time afterwards.


Paul Whitehouse is a totally unexpected MVP as well. He’s so good in it.


Johnny Depp said he’s the best actor in the world, innit.

(I quite liked it)


Yes he’s brilliant. The thing that I liked was that his character wasn’t a million miles off one of his fast show characters… pretty sure that was deliberate.


Good stuff! Been a while since I saw 28WL, but I remember really enjoying it - should give it another watch some time soon… Only other one I’ve seen here is Colossal which I posted about recently. I really enjoyed it and you’re right about how it wrong-foots you and becomes way more serious than you’re expecting… I thought Jason Sudeikis was excellent in this; he totally had me fooled with his nice guy shtick so much so that it really wasn’t until the 2nd time I watched it that I realized quite what a manipulative asshole he is…


Is Drag Me To Hell worth a watch? It’s been sat on my DVD shelf for ages, but I’ve not got around to it. Tonight might be the night - unless it’s dreadful that is.




It’s great fun :+1: It’s definitely not a straight up horror though - has a similar thread of black comedy running through it to Army Of Darkness…


Good to hear. Thanks. I’ll get it on later.


sorry that “get some” is a quote from drag me to hell. just realised it might seem a bit aggressive :sweat_smile:


i bloody hated Ghost Stories


Don’t worry - I presumed it to be a positive statement rather than an aggressive one.


the Robert Carlyle zombie kind of ruined the second half for me with his thing of teleporting to wherever the protagonists were at any given moment.


Yep, this was really good fun. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


Excellent :+1: Any chance of a brief review?