Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



It is so good!! Hope you enjoyed it!!


Drag Me To Hell: A bank worker incurs the wrath of a strange elderly lady, and has a limited time in which to fend off a curse that would otherwise result in her being taken by an evil spirit.

This has been sat on the shelf unwatched for ages. For reasons unknown Mrs W (despite being a horror fan) really did not want to watch it. Anyway, she was out last night, so I took my chance.

The style, and content, is very consistent with Sam Raimi’s other blackly comic horror work (particularly Army of Darkness), notably including - scenes that are equally scary and hilarious (the old lady fight scene in the car); old school gore (the eyeball in the cake); jump scares (the old lady in the bed); and a lovely little twist at the finale.

Highly recommended.


have to say Drag Me To Hell had one of the most flagrantly signposted twists i’ve ever seen. the second it was set up it was obvious where they were going to go with it

i don’t think the balance between comedy and horror came across very well either.


Saw both back to back whilst boozing on a Friday. Both fun no-brainers. 8/10 for both.

They’re certainly not classics but do exactly what they say on the tin. Worth checking out.


yeh i dont like this film either. if it didnt have a big name director no one would give a shit


Watched last night: The Wildling

This started out (seemingly) as the story of a young girl being held captive in a cabin in the woods; before progressing to a teenage girl coming of age werewolf story. If the latter part of this description makes it sound like Ginger Snaps - it isn’t.

The first 3/4 of this were great. It was dark, the characters were engaging, and the tension was ramping up nicely. Unfortunately it was rather let down by the final 1/4, which felt very rushed and culminated in too nice, and neat, an ending.

In doing so it skipped over some seemingly important questions, like who the hell was the guy with the wolf-head hat, and why was he so keen to help out the werewolf?


Tonight I’ve got The Endless lined up. Anyone seen it?


Yup, goes on forever…

haven’t seen it




Yeah, it’s really good. Don’t want to say too much but it very effectively amps up the mystery as it progresses.

Seem to remember @TKC was a big fan.


yeah I really enjoyed it.

it is really hard to discuss without giving it away but its worth watching their first film before it (I have forgotten the name sorry! the one that isnt Spring) as I think you will get more out of it


I’ve seen Spring, and really liked it. I haven’t seen their other one, though. If I enjoy The Endless I’ll go back to that one next.


Omg, DiS meat up where we play this game!! Please. It would genuinely be the only time I’d feel even remotely confident playing a quiz type game.


the other one ( I really should find the name!) is the weakest of the three but still good. I will spoiler why I recommend it with The Endless - it doesnt spoil either film but it gives something away

The two characters from the first show up in The Endless in a scene providing a bit of a in film sequel. neat little moment


I saw this advertised the other night too - told my wife about it today and she was like, ‘Brilliant, and who are you going to play it with, you sad little horror nerd?’…


Hahaha!! Harsh.

… but true (for me)


I like that gore/disturbing is a category


I saw this was on the other day but chickened out of going because I thought I would be banished for my taste in horror not being high-brow enough!


Haha oh I wouldn’t worry about such things! I would love to go to this kind of thing, my worry is I’m not great at discussing films other than saying stuff like “I think it’s WELL good”. Deep! Haha.


Same here :woman_facepalming:t3: