Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



I’ve been trying to talk my other half into watching Get Out, but she’s not having any of it. Hell, she quit Stranger Things after the first 15 minutes of the first episode…


The TV won’t watch anything with children in peril in so Stranger Things would have been a total non-starter. Just this week she almost quit the Arkangel episode of Black Mirror after 5 minutes…


Creep 2 didn’t disappoint. Halfway through I was a bit 50/50 as to whether it was a successful sequel, but the final 20 minutes were so well realised I ended up with a big smile on my face. Duplass rules.
Rupture has yer Noomi Rapace being kidnapped and subjected to tamed down basement in the second half of Martyrs type shizzle. Apart from some low rent cgi this was a worthy watch. She’s so cool, I just found out the Netflix flick What Happened to Monday has her playing sextuplets so I’m all over that this weekend.
I’ve cancelled to free amazon prime trial and I’m now onto the free Netflix trial. Netflix makes the amazon video catalogue look like yer local corner shop in comparison. The amount of decent Netflix funded content is quite extraordinary. Bright was fun, as was The Babysitter and I’ve easily added 30 films to my watchlist to pack the month.


Watched last night: Lucio Fulci’s 1990 meta-‘masterpiece’, A Cat in the Brain. Oh dear, this really isn’t very good. I first saw this a year or so back at my local horror night and didn’t love it. But, I’m a glutton for punishment and as I shelled out for the Blu-Ray of this a while ago, I figured it was about time to give it another chance. And sadly, a year hasn’t improved it very much. You’d figure that a film that offers pretty much non-stop gore and nudity would have something going for it; in fact, it’s remarkable how quickly this never-ending parade of flesh in various forms becomes boring. The central premise: Fulci plays a version of himself as a director of over-the-top horror movies. Worried that his films might be affecting his mental health, Fulci seeks the services of a psychiatrist to help him deal with his increasingly violent visions and eccentric behavior… Meanwhile, a series of violent murders is taking place… There’s definitely a case to be made that Fulci was onto something here, but unfortunately, between conception and birth, things went pretty awry. What could have been an opportunity to explore the impact a lifetime making horror movies has on a director rapidly becomes a less-than-greatest hits package of gore scenes from other Fulci movies, with a wraparound meta-narrative that really doesn’t go anywhere. There’s never really any question about who’s responsible for the murders, so it’s just a matter of killing time before the killer gets found out by the authorities. And when they do, it’s in one of the most uninspired endings I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong – I love Fulci, and count The Beyond as one of my favourite all-time horrors. But sadly, there’s little evidence of the Fulci that made that film in evidence here. Disappointing…


I saw Exists on Shudder Channel. It’s a found footage film about Bigfoot. Better than it sounds. Worth a look.


By the same director as Lovely Molly too (plus some film called Blair Witch Project as well) :+1:

Other found footage bigfoot fun worth checking out:



I’ve been watching the Scream films over the last few days. The third instalment was pretty hard to watch as the characters often reference being made to sleep with directors when the film was produced by Harvey Weinstein :neutral_face:


New Mutants has been put back until 2019.


Only good thing about this news is that it increases the chances of my son being old enough to see it when it comes out…


Watched last night, The Neon Demon

Unsurprisingly for anyone familiar with Nicolas Winding Refn’s previous films, this is massively style over substance, Fortunately, the style is pretty damn stylish. The whole thing looks and sounds amazing (Cliff Martinez returns to great effect after sterling soundtrack work on Drive and Only God Forgives). The pace is supremely languid, and barely anything really happens over the space of the two hour run time. Characters pop in throughout, do some stuff/speak some cool lines, and then are never seen again. The whole effect is nightmarishly Lynchian, and this would make a good double billing with Mulholland Drive. Would also make a good double bill with Starry Eyes, but I’ve already decided that should be watched as a double bill with Cheap Thrills ideally. The horror, when it happens, it genuinely horrifying, and just when you think Refn has pushed the bounds of the film’s internal logic to the max, he pushes it a little further for the ending. Not a traditional horror pick, and almost certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoyed the ride. 7/10

As an aside, Keanu Reeves is really watchable in this. If you’d told me 15 years ago that I would be finding Keanu Reeves more entertaining than (shady) Johnny Depp I would have given you a very quizzical look. Might be time to dust off my DVD of Bram Stoker’s Dracula :+1:

There are some ace alternative posters for this here:


Always get the start of this song in my head when reading the thread title


On point as usual Petagno, and good to see a shout out for Cheap Thrills slipped in there. Cracking film.


Related to this, only found out last year that my brother-in-law is a massive horror film. My sister won’t watch any horror, so his obsession has always been kept a little on the lowdown. Was round their gaff for my niece’s first birthday last September and glimpsed his DVD collection, which was literally 90% horror :open_mouth: :+1: Borrowed Juan Of The Dead off him - Cuban zombie apocalypse film which was very entertaining. Anyway, long story short - bought him Cheap Thrills on DVD for Christmas. Don’t know if he’s watched it yet…


Justin Lee Collins is an alcoholic?


I have Irreversible to watch from Cinema Paradiso. I have never seen it before but am aware of its reputation.
Any unspoiler-y comments?
Does it even qualify as horror?


More of a revenge thriller than horror. Worth a watch. Two famous nasty and gruesome set piece scenes.

I’ve seen it once. It’s good but wouldn’t watch it again though.


I am familiar with the ‘fire extinguisher’ scene: gruesome but stunning effects


DSadly that’s far from the worst scene in the film. I wrote an essay on it at uni so watched it a number of times - what I was thinking I’ll never know, scratch it up to being an edgy student. Wouldn’t watch it again in a hurry now.


Its brilliant but like others have said, once is enough!


I’m thinking it won’t be one to watch while I’m eating my supper too