Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



I wish there was something like this near me! I’d go and I’m dumb as a post!


You most certainly are not!

@laika you should go! There’s so many cool things on in Glasgow. That burnt church film club thing looks amazing too.


It does look amazing, and it seems super inclusive! I’ll get braver for next month.

In the spirit of this thread, I’m about to watch The Burning (1981) :jack_o_lantern:


Love the burning!! :scissors:


Yes! I have tickets for their screening of Society later this month, that’ll be the first time I’ve been. I’ve wanted to go to loads!


Not that I get too involved mind you, but I find horror fans to be a pretty open minded lot.

Probably because everyone has something generally indefensibly shit that they love for reasons only they understand.


That is very true!


Couldn’t agree more. (About wishing there was something like this near me, not you being as dumb as a post…)


i just say “yes, the mise en scene was shallow and pedantic” to everything, even despicable me 2 or whatever.


Some more no-class negativity, ignore as appropriate.

I rewatched 28 weeks later, it’s extremely difficult to suspend your disbelief for pretty much anything that happens in it. Right from the first scene where the little boy/girl ‘outruns’ zombies to an isolated farmhouse. Of course he did.

I know you’ll never enjoy a film if you question everything but 28 weeks later is the most offensive example i think i’ve ever seen of scriptwriters/directors treating the viewer like an idiot. I’d list all the offences, but come on, you already know if you’ve seen it.


i thought his decision to abandon his missus at the start was very realistic, cowardice and adrenaline panicking bobby into making an awful decision.

didn’t care for the extended 5 minutes of him pulping up her face in the medical bay at all tbqfh. completely unnecessary.


That was grim as hell yeah.


I haven’t seen either, but the first one is called Resolution I believe.


'Pologies if this has been posted already but has anyone seen the trailer for the new Panos Cosmatos film, it looks and sounds absolutely incredible. Oh also features Nicolas Cage.


This reminds me, I had a friend who decided to question pretty much everything in Howling V

‘had’ a friend :unamused:


Hope Nicolas Cage gets to do some of his acting in it :+1:


haven’t seen Howling V but it’s a direct-to-video job isn’t it? like there’s a lot of horror films where picking apart the logic is just daft and pointless and miserable, fair enough - but 28 weeks later sets itself up as a serious film. there’s no laughs and it’s obviously taking itself very seriously. i think that makes it fair game for saying ‘hold on a fucking minute here’


Haha, ah I haven’t seen 28 weeks later since I first saw it at the cinema! I do believe you, I was just being silly about my “pal”… who I am actually still really good friends with :blush:


have begun listening to the rather great “the losers club” podcast, about the work of pop horror guru stephen king. i have begun reading pet semetary to compliment this, and now i’m remembering how expert this man is when he’s firing on all cylinders. 80s stephen king :ok_hand::scream:


finally got round to watching Upgrade last night - pretty good, very well made - solid little 7/10 film