Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



I’m really annoyed, as while it did come out at Cineworld, in Greater London it was only on at Enfield :expressionless:


:smiley: classic ‘needlessly_defensive this’d this’ post from me there, sorry.


Aw no need to apologise! :slight_smile: I should have safety winked.


Watched last night: I Drink Your Blood!!! Films don’t get much trashier than this – whether or not you consider that a compliment or not depends entirely on your tolerance of 70s ‘so bad it’s good’ exploitation craziness. This is one wild film – if you’ve never seen it, here’s a brief summary: A group of Satan-worshipping hippies (say it out loud) show up in a rural American town and start messing with the locals. One of our main protagonists, a young boy, whose sister and grandfather both get attacked by the Satan-worshipping hippies (still sounds as good the second time), decides to take matters into his own hands. He shoots a rabid dog in the woods near his house, and then uses a hypodermic needle to withdraw blood from the dog’s corpse before injecting it into a batch of meat pies (he works in a bakery that seems desperately under-stocked; sure, the town where the movie is set is dying on its knees owing to the construction of a nearby dam – ‘Damn dam!’ one character exclaims at one point – but still, a few more cakes and pies wouldn’t have hurt), said pies soon being sold to the Satan-worshipping hippies. Apparently, our young hero thought this would be an excellent way to get revenge on the gang but it turns out there’s only one thing worse than Satan-worshipping hippies and that’s… rabies-infected Satan-worshipping hippies!!! I mean, what the actual fuck? The hippies are soon foaming at the mouth, attacking anyone they come across and getting water splashed at them by the locals, because… hydrophobia. This film is bonkers. Sadly, it’s not always as entertaining as this summary might lead you to believe. The first 15 minutes or so are amazing, as we meet the hippies at a ritual and the wonderful Bhaskar (playing a character called Horace Bones) intones: ‘Let it be known to all the spirits that I am a Capricorn, living in The Tenth House… the house of our lord Satan. Let it be known to all the spirits that I, Horace Bones, was born into Hell, and reborn to this Earth. Let all the spirits here know that I am the first-born son of Satan! He commands my thoughts! I speak his words! Sons and daughters of Satan, put aside your worldly things and come to me… Let it be known, sons and daughters, that Satan was an acid-head. Drink from his cup. Pledge yourselves. And together, we’ll aaaalll freak out!’ Incredible stuff. Sadly, although the movie manages to maintain a fair amount of momentum, there’s really not much plot to keep you enthralled so my attention started to wane once it became obvious that the film really doesn’t offer much beyond an outrageous concept, some bizarre performances and some (shocking-in-its-day, not-so-much-anymore) gore sequences. Still, the central premise is so insane that I can’t imagine anyone on these boards not having at least a little fun here…



Any fans of Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead movies here?



Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in here previously but I fucking love Prince Of Darkness :+1::+1::+1:


Is Shudder worth subbing up to?

I feel like I’m at the point where I’ve exhausted the good stuff on my various streaming platforms and all I’m left with is reeeeal bad stuff (Amazon Prime in particular, is a wellspring of absolute bargain basement trash - eg Chud 2).

I do get that as a horror fan you end up watching loads of trash to find the gems, but the ratio for me has been way too skewed recently.


Shudder is ok. It’s about a fiver a month for me via Amazon Fire Stick.

Their content varies from very good to shit and a lot of the films I’ve seen before.

I’m planning on watching Hell House 2 on Shudder later tonight with a few drinks.


I dismissed it when it launched as it definitely didn’t have enough content for me, plus annoyingly the UK version had less than half the content of the US version.

Looking through now, it definitely seems to have a better array of stuff, both films and exclusive content (the Masters Of Horror and Tales Of The Unexpected series would both keep me going for awhile alone). Plus it looks like they have a bunch of more exclusive stuff slated. Definitely a couple of steps above Amazon’s horror slate - I tried a Prime trial the other month and exhausted their offerings within a week…


Report back on this please - thought the first one was great despite the slightly duff title :+1:

A New Nightmare - The Rolling Horror Thread 2016 Reborn


Will do.


I love Prince of Darkness! I remember getting this on VHS when it came out. Supernatural/Devil-themed horror always works for me but the fact that it was being done in such an original way here really got me.


Hell House 2 was dull.

Watchable but that’s all. It had a relatively high budget it seemed for a found footage film and they also had a panel show side thing.

No jumps or scares. Not too shit but not good either. 5/10.


Anything in the horror genre that’s new and decent on Netflix or Amazon prime at the moment?


this guy is a really good follow on twitter btw, think he was a co-writer on You’re Next and has worked with Wingard on a couple of others.


Good tip :+1:

Also, he’s right about Terrified…


Just watched veronica. Pretty good, I thought the running commentary on the family’s class and how Veronica had to be her siblings’ guardian was really poignant, gave the horror element more zip. Not sure how much it really added to the ouija invoked demon subgenre, but I thought it was a very solid and satisfying little movie. More like this please :ok_hand:


anyone seen Radius?

not strictly a horror but a cracking concept that delivers well on it


catching up on deets of IT chapter 2. seems james ransone will be playing grown up eddie. hmmm. he’s definitely more of a richie imo. but then eddie in 1 was quite a funny character so idk.

hoping they rein in the jump scares and opt for the creepier slow burn stuff. it was very effective when they went the quieter route - the librarian slowly smiling behind ben, the photographs getting closer to the kid’s head in the tree, when the clown was just stood in the bushes waving the severed baby arm. more like that, less of the blaring orchestral pads and the clown screaming FEAR to remind us what he feeds on.

looking forward all the same :ok_hand:


heading into the month of all hallow’s, pals. what movies/books/events have we got lined up? i’m off to a horror movie viewing at spoooky kirkstall abbey on the 27th, probably gonna get pumpkin carving in a couple of weeks :hushed::scream: