Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



Really didn’t like it :frowning: Felt very slow, just kept waiting for something to happen. Cage was v good though and it did look pretty stunning.


Local cinema shows free movies on Tuesday nights. For October they always show horror stuff. This year, it looks like we’re getting: Child’s Play, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dead Alive, Ms.45, The Slumber Party Massacre and The Fog. Doubt I’ll go to all of them but will definitely check some out:

Will probably also go to this screening of The Shining:



my instinct says child’s play and the fog but idk, i could see myself having a few beers and catch something less familiar? Slumber party or ms 45!


I love me a double-bill and it looks like that’s how they’re showing Slumber Party and Ms.45 - never seen either of those, so I’m definitely down for that…

Just been rocking out in the kitchen to a Vintage Halloween Spooks playlist on Spotify - classic 50s/60s monster tracks - I love this time of year…


was gonna get a psychobilly collection on vinyl cos i’m a gigantic mark :grinning:

yeah this time of year is my fave tbh


Dead Alive is what Americans call Braindead, right? You have to see that. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in a cinema as I did when it first came out (inadvertently giving my age away there).

In other horror news, I finally caught up with Raw. I had high hopes, but it was only alright, bit of a poor man’s Company Of Wolves. And the gore level was nothing like as high as I’d imagined from the breathless reviews.


Yep, they’re one and the same. Never seen it but hear it’s supposed to be pretty bonkers, so looking forward to that.

Bummed to hear you didn’t like Raw - been meaning to get to this since I first heard about it, but you’re not the only person I’ve heard from who wasn’t super-impressed…

Off to see Child’s Play tonight, which amazingly, I’ve also never seen…


Braindead/Dead Alive is absolutely piss funny. Peter Jackson’s best film by miles - wish he still made stuff like this rather than tedious Hobbit nonsense. Meet The Feebles from the same era is also worth checking out:



You’re a fan of the Child’s Play movies, right?


Yes, although I’ve not gone back to the early ones for a long time. Incredible to think it’s a franchise that’s been going for almost 30 years with the same core team at its heart. None of them are repeats of earlier ones either - each one in the series does something different :+1:


Can’t wait for Halloween now! Booked tickets to Kelburn Haunted Forest ( - I have no idea what it’ll be like. Went to Screamland in Margate the last couple of years and really enjoyed it so hoping it’ll be along those lines… Glasgow Horror Festival also looks good fun :thinking:

Went to Burnt Church Film Club to see Society last week and loved it, so definitely want to go to some of their October screenings :clown_face:


You might be interested in this:

It’s in Edinburgh but will finish after the trains back to Glasgow start up again. I can’t make this one but I’ve been to a few in the past and they’ve been great fun (if properly grueling towards the end)


Oooh that’s tempting, thanks! I did a couple of the all-nighters at the Prince Charles when I was in London, such good (exhausting) fun.


Ah, the Prince Charles has a bunch of horror all nighters this month but they’re all in the downstairs screen - dunno how recently you’ve been but they replaced all the seats and now I find them uncomfortable after about 90 minutes, so an all-nighter would definitely be a bit much.

(The Cameo has lovely seats)


Oh no, that’s disappointing. It’s probably been at least half a year since I went but I have fond memories of going to their £1.50 matinees whilst at uni and falling asleep as the seats were so comfortable.


This looks great - I’d love to see Christmas Evil on the big screen, definitely one of the best Christmas horror movies…


It’s screening in London at some point as well so going to catch it then.


yeah Raw was an odd one. very well made but those stories about people having to flee screenings in horror didn’t do it any favours.


I feel like I’m personally letting you down, but I’m afraid to say I didn’t make it to Child’s Play last night - weather was awful and I just couldn’t face the walk in the rain to the cinema. In my defense though, I did stay home and watch the magnificent The Devil Rides Out. I read the novel over the summer, and despite Dennis Wheatley’s blatant racism and some fairly awful purple prose at times, I enjoyed it. The movie is great too - classic Hammer with Christopher Lee on fine form in a rare heroic role. Apparently it was originally released in 1968, the same year as NOTLD, Rosemary’s Baby and Witchfinder General, so arguably it was already dated as soon as it came out, but I love this kind of stuff, all vintage cars, beautiful location shooting, and a general sense of ripping yarn-esque derring-do. Great stuff! Promise I’ll give Chucky a chance at some point…


The Devil Rides Out is a fine substitute :+1: