Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



Yeah the only really shocking scene for me is when she eats the finger and maybe the fight? otherwise it didn’t really seem like anything I hadn’t seen before?


I’m always up for a best-of list and this approaches things from a somewhat fresh angle:


I liked this

quite tempted to watch the first one again


Atmosphericky Netflix recommendationes, anyone?


Noticed some one-off screenings at various Cineworlds over the month. Possibly available at other chains, I dunno.

Halloween on the 10th

Beetlejuice on the 30th

The Fog & The Evil Dead on the 31st

Got a ticket to Halloween already, probably going to do the double bill on the 31st (never see The Fog, unsure if I’ve seen Evil Dead). Is Beetlejuice worth seeing? I remember seeing it as a kid…

October 2018 Film DiScussion Thread

that poster for the fog :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


watched Orphan last night.
decent enough, peaked with Vera Farmiga lamping the child (i almost jumped out of my seat cheering) and then went rapidly downhill from there, with possibly the clunkiest exposition/final revelation scene i’ve ever seen. and a really annoying ‘let’s not finish off or immobilise the killer and just walk away from them, it’ll be grand’ bit.
surprisingly brutal in places…

on that note, i dunno if i’ve ever recommended this in one of these threads but it’s pretty ace


Been meaning to get round to watching The Children for ages. It’s set at Christmas, right? Love Christmas horror. I just ordered the set of the old BBC A Ghost Story for Christmas:

Looking forward to a cold, creepy festive season…


yep loads of snow, it’s very cleverly utilised too…


This is kinda cool:


i liked krampus, thought that was a fun, nasty little christmas horror movie


Forced my partner to sit through a Christmas horror season a few years ago. We watched:

Rare Exports
Santa’s Slay
Silent Night, Deadly Night

Think there might have been another but I can’t remenber. All lots of fun for various reasons.

Would also recommend Black Christmas for some genuinely-scary vibes and Jack Frost (not the Michael Keaton one!!) for some camp murdering snowman vibes.


this is the one where they’re trying to excavate the krampus in the ice isn’t it? quite enjoyed it, thought it had a very touching father-son plot, had the vibe of an 80s horror/coming of age movie.


Has anybody seen Satan’s Slaves (2017)? Watched it this weekend and thought it had some excellent creepy moments.


i would also recommend Cold Prey - not sure if it’s Christmas as such but it has snow


Think it is just snow. There were a few of them.

There was that snow series as well recently (Swedo-Norwegian) that was similar. Can’t believe I can’t remember the name. There was some outrageously vigorous sex in it.

Black Lake. Was pretty shit but right up my dumb watch alley. Like Le Chalet on Netflix.


you’ve set me on a christmas horror tip now. just turned stumbled across this:


Hah! I saw this last night, from the same director

It was a giant pile of camp fun.

(Oh and I forgot to answer about Rare Exports - yeah, it’s that one, Finnish film. Has an excellent ending.)


That’s a pretty sweet selection of films there. I mentioned this only last week but if you’ve never seen Christmas Evil, it’s worth checking out. Definitely not a conventional horror film by any means, but couldn’t be much more Christmas-y if it tried.

In other news, taking my son to see a 3-D screening of The Creature from the Black Lagoon tonight, we’re both very excited…


Christmas Evil is on at my fav repertory cinema in december, so I’m planning to catch it then!